Black lives matter

Stop telling me it’s not just the black lives but all lives matters. If that was true why the world moaned the Paris shootings while turned a blind eye towards massacre in Nigeria and Kenya? When a certain set of people are kept artificially poor and subjected to social marginalization through years of usurpation and economic injustice the discontent and remorse in the society is inevitable.
Guess the African American living in a country build by thugs and whores and murderers and convicts dumped into that stolen land by the British crown are subjected to poverty and economic injustice and hence got riot as the only medium to have their voices heard because their forefathers were former slaves and not some whoremonger or slave trader or usurpers like those of the Caucasian races.
Every time the oppressed start demanding economic justice or start attaining knowledge and political muscle the usurpers and former oppressors start singing the song of all men are created equal. But all this are just meaningless words without equal opportunities and economic justice.


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