India and WW I

There is no honour in war it brings no glory just corpses, destruction and immense profit for the military industrial complex. Today the Indian army celebrates role of Indian soldiers in the First World War. They will tell you it was some kind of great and unfortunate event because those nationalities who have been fucking around the planet colonizing continents and committing genocide brought war upon themselves thus killing Europeans and Caucasians and Jews in large number so of course it was an unfortunate event cause it doesn’t took place in Africa or Asia or Latin America.

100 years back a million Indian soldiers were forced to fight an alien war, in an alien land, for an alien cause. 74000 Indians lost their lives fighting for the imperialistic ambitions of those usurper races and nationalities and now I m told to be proud of sth like this. Why?? After all killing one person is crime but killing thousands and millions of people in the name of Nationalism and Religion is sth to be proud of. Stop glorifying war! It’s nothing but the poor man’s road to his grave with rich man stealing all the gold and all the glory.


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