India’s Daughter

One really might wonder what exactly honourable home minister is furious about. The filmmakers acquired permission from home ministry and the jail authorities for the interview and now he says the whole matter needs an investigation? Is banning the documentary a solution? Does it claims to portray the mindset of millions of men living in this republic? And c’mon it’s irrational and absurd to take the views of a sick, unlettered rapist bus river to be the mirror of the whole Indian society. So what exactly is this govt furious about?

Is it the aftermath, chaos and unrest that they are bothered? Why don’t they reserve such fury to counter fundamentalism and make this republic safer for everyone. If the whole society can be stirred up simply by showing the truth guess only a fascist govt can be afraid of it. This kind of sick mindset needs to be confronted and debated in a republic where rape culture is on the rise, where sex is considered sin, where a rape victim is looked down upon or viewed with such pity as though the crime has ruined their entire life and nothing else is left for them in this world, where the privileged casts and classes presume raping lower cast women to be their birth right.

For how long will the security of an individual would be undermined in the name of honour and harmony in some illusionary society and state? Can an individual ever be free of such social conditioning where children are burdened with the responsibility of carrying forward the honour and name of family and forefathers or where the honour of man lies between the thighs of woman?


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