Religion: A denial mechanism

Religion is a massive denial machinery that makes man ashamed of everything he wants and proud of everything he has but never wanted. It replaces sexual frustration with chastity, weakness with goodness, inability to take revenge with forgiveness. It is the the sigh of the oppressed, heart of the heartless, soul of the soulless conditions, it is the opium of masses. Just like alcohol religion makes man forget his miseries and even worse celebrate them and be proud of them.
Imagine no religion!!!



Apparently the world is full of oppression, suppression, depression and God knows what because we have yielded to the idea that interest of an individual can be sacrificed for the common good. People forget that there are no societies or civilizations but simply individuals and its the individual rights that matters the most because each and everyone of us is  merely an individual entity. Guess objectivism deserves a chance

Happy B’day Che

Happy B’Day Che.
Its the 87th birth anniversary of the last armed prophet. A true believer of the Marxist theory who fought against the parasite of capitalism. He was a true communist and definitely the “New Man”. His firm belief in principles of socialism made him the face of the dying world of communism though his popularity filled the pockets of opportunists and capitalists. Dead for more than four decades but still alive in the hearts of socialists and lovers of freedom. Yes Che is dead but his legend will forever haunt the capitalist world and always inspire those hate injustice prevailing in society and love freedom more than anything.
“We love you Che for all you have done for the world and your legend lives forever in our hearts”

What’s wrong with Nazism?

Okay what was so evil about Hitler that everyone loves to hate him? Pls don’t tell that he should be hated because he was some kinda racist and murdered people. Pages of history are filled with such dictators and rulers who believed in supremacy of their race and committed genocide moreover so many still admire them. Churchill and Kennedy are the best examples. So is there any unique kinda savagery he inflicted upon the world that we must deem him incarnation of pure evil? Or its just like people hate him just because they are told to hate him???? 😀

The gift of Maggie

Okay this Maggie noodles have been thriving in the Indian market for decades and after all these years the Govt wishes to ban it cause of high level of lead content. So the question is that if its really true then what was the Govt and food inspectors doing for all these years? Do they just allow any xyz company to sell venom in the name of edibles and monitor them after a couple of decades? Why shouldn’t the govt be sued for allowing such corporations sell lead to the masses? And how many more such products are there in the market that are still serving chemical crap in our plates?  And tbh I really wonder if instant noodle is that harmful, afterall how many people died due to Maggie lead poisoning 😀

British Raj

Tbh I believe the British Raj was the best thing that ever happened to this fragmented country haunted by Gods and ruled by usurper classes who robbed this agglomeration of tiny states in the name of cruel Gods. The British imperialists didn’t divide India but united thousands of such fragile kingdoms under one flag.

Btw was there anything like India before 1857? We had no India; just Delhi, Bengal, Awadh, Bhopal and maybe 10K more such states. And the imperialists didn’t rob Indians, they simply looted those usurpers who were already plundering India and Indians for the last 5K years 😉

Earth :D

It doesn’t matters if the earth is flat, round, hollow, moving or from where it came from. All that matters is how it was divided, packaged,  parcelled and stolen by a handful of thieves, usurpers and capitalists.