The gift of Maggie

Okay this Maggie noodles have been thriving in the Indian market for decades and after all these years the Govt wishes to ban it cause of high level of lead content. So the question is that if its really true then what was the Govt and food inspectors doing for all these years? Do they just allow any xyz company to sell venom in the name of edibles and monitor them after a couple of decades? Why shouldn’t the govt be sued for allowing such corporations sell lead to the masses? And how many more such products are there in the market that are still serving chemical crap in our plates?  And tbh I really wonder if instant noodle is that harmful, afterall how many people died due to Maggie lead poisoning 😀


One thought on “The gift of Maggie

  1. basically, i wouldn’t feed any child of mine any form of instant noodles… means i gotta learn cooking real food 😀

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