Vagaries of perception?

If life is meaningful and has a purpose then why millions of kids die in womb or after birth? Doesn’t the death of little ones who never had the chance to realize their purpose strongly suggest that existence is coincidental and meaningless? And maybe that’s a great relief for all of mankind.


All your invented Hindu Gods were the exclusive property of the so called higher caste Hindus or the former usurpers of India! I really don’t think I come under the protection of any of those vicious “Gods” So I guess that God bs should be kept away from me. A pariah an outcast has no God because God hats them for their sinful birth.

Defense or

For five thousand years states have been waging war on one another and for five thousand years states have been calling those cut throats and hired guns who kill for the ruling classes as “Defense Forces”  They don’t serve any of us because if ordered they’d kill anyone with a smile on their faces and be proud of it.

Capital Punishment

Although capital punishment is murder sanctioned by the state but calling death penalty unwarranted never implies demanding impunity for the so called criminals. If we believe media justice shouldn’t interfere with the judiciary why should the public sentiment either? After all one is absolutely sickened not by the crimes the bad have committed but by the punishments the good have inflicted.

Do not give it up

Religion, nationalism and philanthropy are the best instruments at the hands of ruling classes to exact money from the masses. Majority of people spoil their lives by an unhealthy and exaggerated altruism. So just let the Gods defend their doctrines, let the bourgeois bear the burden of national pride and let the rich do all the charity.
So please don’t be a chu**ya and give up subsidies to prove your loyalty towards this corporate fascist govt. This is nothing but the beginning of austerity in India. ‪#‎DoNotGiveItUp‬

To kill a child

State is the coldest of all cold monsters. Whatever it has is stolen, whatever it says is a lie. It steals from the masses and calls it taxation and then lies that its feeding us when in fact it exists at the expense of poorest of poor.
Teaching little children to pledge allegiance to the flag and lay their lives for country is not only child abuse but also an unreasonably high price to exact for an accident of birth.

Sleep work sleep repeat

Getting up everyday and doing the same shit all over again just like any other day makes no sense. And meanwhile life is under no obligations to guarantee this endless cycle of vague routine would actually sum up to sth meaningful. Guess thats what makes life absurd, meaningless and tedious. Its like carrying the same boulder up to a hilltop and watching it fall for no reason and doing it over and over and over again.
What we are without our illusions, delusions, hobbies and superficial hypocritical ideals we desperately cling to in this vague, obnoxious and tiring world? Prometheus tied up in chains awaiting the eagle to rip open his body and eat the lever every single day?

Get married , breed, die :D

Have often seen in movies and real life, parents working their ass off to provide for their children. If its so hard to bring a child into this world why reproduce at all? Or its just because social construct says that one should get married and breed and ruin their now for the children?

Marriage Equality

The gay rights were never much of a concern but the fact that one needs the consent of God and State to ruin their lives with marriage clearly depicts the the level of control such institutions exert over the lives of an individual. And that probably is much much bigger concern