Caste is Class!

So the people who threaten to retard the money circulation and cease the supply of milk and vegetables want everyone to believe they are oppressed because the poorest of the poor are getting representation in education and govt jobs? Anyone who buys into this shit is certainly unaware about the barbaric and oppressive history of Hinduism.
Hinduism was nothing but an oppressive, barbaric, superstitious cult of death that used the fear of God, afterlife, morality and brutal punishments to secure knowledge, power and means of production for the priestly and princely classes. It was more of a class system than a religion that preaches peace and spirituality.
Hindu religion that preaches to worship dumb Cows and detest the poor was simply an instrument at the hands of such usurper classes to oppress a major portion of society for almost five thousand years. No wonder why the Marxists say “caste is class” in India. Its because the social marginalization and economic injustice was inflicted upon a certain sections of society on the basis of their caste.
So I believe its absolutely absurd to neglect the caste factor while delivering economic and social justice to the country. After all political justice without economic justice is a farce and a joke and workers want no joke.
And those who believe 70 years of reservation system had an inauspicious effect on the society and nation’s growth should take some time and contemplate the havoc inflicted upon the masses by the 5000 year of brutal reservation system called as the Caste system.


Idea of India!

The true blue nationalist Indians will call the North East Indians as Chinese and Chinkies and chow mins but find it quiet unreasonable and anti national when they demand a separate state, they’ll call the Muslim masses here as Pakistani traitors but call it terrorism when they retaliate, they’ll refer the south Indians as African tribal but find it racism when they are treated the same way in south, these great patriots find class war and labour right demands as treason and refer the Socialists as commie, Naxals, Maoists and terrorists.
Because for these so called nationalists the Idea of India is quite narrow. Because for them an Ideal India comprises of only upper cast Hindus and their slaves. Any other community following different faith or fails to comply or refuses to ‘fear’ them is their enemy and hence a traitor. But yes they won’t ever dare to question the Industrialists and capitalists. This is nothing but fascism and its on an exponential rise in this republic.

Happy Independence????

Apparently nowhere else in the world people love to hate their founding fathers as they do in India. I see people have a little regards for the struggles of Gandhi and Nehru and what they accomplished against all the odds. Many talk as though they got a doctorate in what should have been done during the partition. To add fuel to fire now we have a corporate fascist government controlled by a Nazi organization that assassinate Gandhi, opposed the formation of Indian Union, rejected the tricolour, resisted the Muslims and communists instead of the British Imperialists and is inspired by the heinous ideals of Nazism and Zionism. They are rewriting history and systematically diminishing the contributions of Gandhi, Nehru or Indira Gandhi.
I really don’t see any cause to cheer for this Independence day celebration when Army veterans are being manhandled by the police for demanding pension, when twenty five thousand farmers are seeking President’s permission to commit mass suicide, when millions of people are living under the constant ‘terror’ of being starved to death. Meanwhile the Prime Minister delivered another tedious, dramatic and irritating speech at the Red Fort, blowing his own trumpet, making luscious promises and spilling party propaganda. Wonder when will this charlatan talk like the PM of this republic and not like some leader of a theocratic far right political party.
It almost feels like we are living in Orwell’s 1984 where a Demigod like leader takes all the credit, the previous governments get all the blame, dissenters are anti national and criticizing the government is sedition. I m afraid the very idea of ‘India’ is at stake and its being murdered systematically by the fascists at the center whose sole aim is to push the society back to the stone age, sell the national assets to corporate houses and to socialize the costs while privatizing the profits.
Anyways Happy Independence Day!!

Freedom at midnight

Man is born free and everywhere he’s in chains. Property enslaved man’s body, state enslaved man’s mind and religion enslaved man’s spirit.  They rule us, they own us, they call us subjects, they made laws that must be followed, they tax us for earning, for living and even walking on the roads, they want us to produce documents to prove our mere existence and that we are property of the state. And after all this they tell us we are free- free to pay taxes, free to obey laws and public opinion, free to pledge allegiance to the flag, free to give consent to the crimes committed by the state and follow absurdities of religion.
    So it’s basically a ruling class that took away everything from the masses and in return gave them the opium of religion and a flag to play with and we celebrate this great scam by waving their flag and begging in the temples. But how exactly are we free when we need to pay to an enterprise called govt simply for being born into their territory? Man will never be free until the last monarch is strangled with the entrails of last priest.
Okay rant over Happy Independence Day!!! 😀

Hide your heaven God

Went to the Nizamuddin Dargah yesterday which was probably no different than any Hindu establishment. You’ll love its Sufi music, market and the delicious food.
But just like any other holy place here too florists were after your shoes, some wanted donation; I witnessed flock of beggars fighting for ambiguous reasons, a mad man cursing a woman and many people worshiping with tears in their eyes. All the time I was wondering how can anyone remember God at a place were you are being asked to donate money almost all the time.
After witnessing all this one can’t help believing that God is the most miserable creature of this world who survives on pain and prayers of children, beggars and hopeful fools.

Hindu terror

Terrorism is an inexpensive way of waging war against any institution or community by the fanatics and extremists of a certain religion, creed, ideology or capitalist syndicate. Usually every act of terror has a specific purpose and has a specific targets let it be killing enemies of Allah or Ram or Aryans or Proletariat or simply getting rid of a certain community from a resource rich region.
So I really don’t buy into the theory that terrorism has no religion when we are witnessing this mad fuck all over the world. The Muslim terrorists target the Hindus, the Christians, the Sufis and the Kurds, The Christian terrorists target the Blacks, the Latins and the Arabs while the “Hindu terrorists” attack the Muslims, the Dalits, the aboriginals and the Christians.
So why those politicians who use the term “Islamic terrorism” so casually are now so much outraged over the term “Hindu terrorism”??? Is it because they serve an organization that dreams of building a Hindu state just like ISIS wants a Muslim state???