Hindu terror

Terrorism is an inexpensive way of waging war against any institution or community by the fanatics and extremists of a certain religion, creed, ideology or capitalist syndicate. Usually every act of terror has a specific purpose and has a specific targets let it be killing enemies of Allah or Ram or Aryans or Proletariat or simply getting rid of a certain community from a resource rich region.
So I really don’t buy into the theory that terrorism has no religion when we are witnessing this mad fuck all over the world. The Muslim terrorists target the Hindus, the Christians, the Sufis and the Kurds, The Christian terrorists target the Blacks, the Latins and the Arabs while the “Hindu terrorists” attack the Muslims, the Dalits, the aboriginals and the Christians.
So why those politicians who use the term “Islamic terrorism” so casually are now so much outraged over the term “Hindu terrorism”??? Is it because they serve an organization that dreams of building a Hindu state just like ISIS wants a Muslim state???

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