Freedom at midnight

Man is born free and everywhere he’s in chains. Property enslaved man’s body, state enslaved man’s mind and religion enslaved man’s spirit.  They rule us, they own us, they call us subjects, they made laws that must be followed, they tax us for earning, for living and even walking on the roads, they want us to produce documents to prove our mere existence and that we are property of the state. And after all this they tell us we are free- free to pay taxes, free to obey laws and public opinion, free to pledge allegiance to the flag, free to give consent to the crimes committed by the state and follow absurdities of religion.
    So it’s basically a ruling class that took away everything from the masses and in return gave them the opium of religion and a flag to play with and we celebrate this great scam by waving their flag and begging in the temples. But how exactly are we free when we need to pay to an enterprise called govt simply for being born into their territory? Man will never be free until the last monarch is strangled with the entrails of last priest.
Okay rant over Happy Independence Day!!! 😀


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