Happy Independence????

Apparently nowhere else in the world people love to hate their founding fathers as they do in India. I see people have a little regards for the struggles of Gandhi and Nehru and what they accomplished against all the odds. Many talk as though they got a doctorate in what should have been done during the partition. To add fuel to fire now we have a corporate fascist government controlled by a Nazi organization that assassinate Gandhi, opposed the formation of Indian Union, rejected the tricolour, resisted the Muslims and communists instead of the British Imperialists and is inspired by the heinous ideals of Nazism and Zionism. They are rewriting history and systematically diminishing the contributions of Gandhi, Nehru or Indira Gandhi.
I really don’t see any cause to cheer for this Independence day celebration when Army veterans are being manhandled by the police for demanding pension, when twenty five thousand farmers are seeking President’s permission to commit mass suicide, when millions of people are living under the constant ‘terror’ of being starved to death. Meanwhile the Prime Minister delivered another tedious, dramatic and irritating speech at the Red Fort, blowing his own trumpet, making luscious promises and spilling party propaganda. Wonder when will this charlatan talk like the PM of this republic and not like some leader of a theocratic far right political party.
It almost feels like we are living in Orwell’s 1984 where a Demigod like leader takes all the credit, the previous governments get all the blame, dissenters are anti national and criticizing the government is sedition. I m afraid the very idea of ‘India’ is at stake and its being murdered systematically by the fascists at the center whose sole aim is to push the society back to the stone age, sell the national assets to corporate houses and to socialize the costs while privatizing the profits.
Anyways Happy Independence Day!!

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