Idea of India!

The true blue nationalist Indians will call the North East Indians as Chinese and Chinkies and chow mins but find it quiet unreasonable and anti national when they demand a separate state, they’ll call the Muslim masses here as Pakistani traitors but call it terrorism when they retaliate, they’ll refer the south Indians as African tribal but find it racism when they are treated the same way in south, these great patriots find class war and labour right demands as treason and refer the Socialists as commie, Naxals, Maoists and terrorists.
Because for these so called nationalists the Idea of India is quite narrow. Because for them an Ideal India comprises of only upper cast Hindus and their slaves. Any other community following different faith or fails to comply or refuses to ‘fear’ them is their enemy and hence a traitor. But yes they won’t ever dare to question the Industrialists and capitalists. This is nothing but fascism and its on an exponential rise in this republic.


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