Caste is Class!

So the people who threaten to retard the money circulation and cease the supply of milk and vegetables want everyone to believe they are oppressed because the poorest of the poor are getting representation in education and govt jobs? Anyone who buys into this shit is certainly unaware about the barbaric and oppressive history of Hinduism.
Hinduism was nothing but an oppressive, barbaric, superstitious cult of death that used the fear of God, afterlife, morality and brutal punishments to secure knowledge, power and means of production for the priestly and princely classes. It was more of a class system than a religion that preaches peace and spirituality.
Hindu religion that preaches to worship dumb Cows and detest the poor was simply an instrument at the hands of such usurper classes to oppress a major portion of society for almost five thousand years. No wonder why the Marxists say “caste is class” in India. Its because the social marginalization and economic injustice was inflicted upon a certain sections of society on the basis of their caste.
So I believe its absolutely absurd to neglect the caste factor while delivering economic and social justice to the country. After all political justice without economic justice is a farce and a joke and workers want no joke.
And those who believe 70 years of reservation system had an inauspicious effect on the society and nation’s growth should take some time and contemplate the havoc inflicted upon the masses by the 5000 year of brutal reservation system called as the Caste system.


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