Why me?

Apparently its the lack of security that turns men into beasts after all its pretty much warranted to be vicious when one is struggling solely for one’s own self preservation in a world where only the strong survive and the wicked linger.
Like it’s said that economic injustice is the mother of all crime; as crime is bred every time a weak poverty sicken man looks at the glamorous world which he could never get a taste of and asks his invisible God- “Why me God? Why me??”
Because a criminal is just a child who refuses to grow up! Who believes in paying those who have wronged him in their own currency!!


Culture or Joy

The irony is that all these fascist religious fundamentalists would eagerly embrace any technological advancement the west offers but shut themselves completely to any liberal idea stating that western ideologies have no place in the great Indian culture.
Cool! So western capital, western gadgets and western corporations are welcomed but not liberalism, socialism, secularism, equal rights, tolerance or freedom of expression.
The morons with such mindset are not even deeply religious people but hypocrite bigots who must live naked in jungles to prove their devotion towards the great Aryan culture.

Development not Ban

Okay the 30% masses of this republic gave ‘massive mandate’ to this charlatan and his far right fascist party for the promise of ‘development’ not propagating a ban culture and turning this democracy into some nanny state. Because this is what fascist do: preserve their ideology by banning personal freedom.
Is this republic so developed that it can ignore the fact that its the home to a third of world’s poor, that 10K people here are daily starved to death, that it has one of the lowest HDI in the world and focus upon people’s plate, their taste in literature, their bedrooms, their personal freedom, pornography, movies and alcohol???

Propaganda to Democracy

Today I saw a YouTube video of some Pakistani TV actor blaming the Indian establishment for bomb blasts in Karachi and Peshawar. Plus from his tone it appeared as if its a well known fact in Pak that Indian Govt is behind many such terror acts in their nation. Its somewhat similar to here in India the media and Bollywood accusing Pakistan to be the operational hub of world terrorism.
I m afraid but it seems as though a substantial sum is being invested upon the propaganda machinery simply to ensure that the masses of both nations should have ill will towards each other and support any savagery their establishment inflicts upon the masses of the other.

Teachers’ day in India

Obviously not everyone employed to teach is a teacher and certainly not every master is a schoolteacher. It didn’t appear a very honest profession even in the age of Mahabharata and certainly not some respectable profession in the present age. In the time of commercialization of education when the students need to borrow a fortune from banks simply to get a degree, in the times when most of the child molesters and abusers turn out to be teachers the profession of teaching can’t be deemed some divine service executed by demigods. So why make it mandatory to respect and almost worship teachers by celebrating sth like Teachers’ day? Let the students decide what’s worthy of respect and what’s not.

No one’s a Refugee by choice

All you so called patriots just have a good look at the corpse of that toddler lying at the sea shore and explain it to the world that your humanity and empathy is reserved only for the people within the boundaries of the chunks of land you call country, that you must guard your fences to keep screaming mothers and scared children away, that you believe in isolation of humans but globalization of wealth, that you’re intimidated by victims of war and genocides.
You might see war as some glorious conflict between nations or civilizations but its the poor who fights them, its the poor who funds them and its the poor who dies to make the usurpers rich and secure their power and possessions. No wonder why Nationalism is the last refuge of the scoundrels.