Too Little Too Late

The Vietnam war was started by a lie just like the Afghan war or the gulf war or the bay of pigs invasion. And now in his latest statement Mr. Tony Blair admits that the Iraq war was the result of lies and treachery too.
But these things aren’t going to change anything because pretty soon the fascist whorehouses of US and UK will declare a full scale war in Syria, Iran and Ukraine and the white people who have been fucking and killing absolutely anything that can move will sign up for another genocide.
Because 400 years of savagery has apparently gone in their blood and guess that’s why these Caucasian savages can’t resist the temptation of getting paid for rape and murder only to sing ‘make love not war’ kinda shit afterwards. Tbh the world has never witnessed any race as barbaric as the whites.

Elite Squad

Just finished watching a Brazilian movie ‘Tropa de Elite’ that portrays the lives and struggles of the comrades of the military police BOPE. The only conclusion I can draw from this movies is that establishments really spend a substantial sum on not only ensuring that the poor must not escape poverty but also on waging an extensive war against those poor who can’t stand the economic injustice and get into trades that’s considered criminal when undertaken by a poor man without govt permit.
Such movies do nothing but justify govt sanctioned murders after all Police is for those who need it what do you need police for?

Saffron Terror

Incidences of fascist intolerance and communal violence have become the new normal since this republic has fallen to the Hindu terrorist organization RSS.
This terrorist organization that claimed the life of Mahatma Gandhi is anti Muslim, anti Dalit, anti Christians, anti West, anti Communist, anti socialist, anti immigrants, anti Democracy, anti liberalization, anti free speech, anti national flag, anti social justice, anti labour unions, anti constitution and rest I can’t recall as the list is really long!
But these bigots and fanatics claim to be pan nationalist simply because they support a Taliban style stone age society and of course the corporations

In the name of Culture

Our generous cultured Maharashtra Govt banned dance bars in the name of culture, obscenity, human dignity, drug addiction and saving family and youths; thus rendering 75K women absent livelihood.
No matter how many arguments they give to justify their move; just a single fact that they didn’t provide those women with any other alternative source of income negates them all.

Right wing Hypocrisy

Any sane being would wonder why anything such as the “right wing” is even allowed to exist in a democracy? The don’t miss a single opportunity to amaze us with their bizarre ideals, absurd agendas and shockingly low IQ. Unlike the left wing; barren lands, dead ideals, barbaric religions and brutal customs are more important to theses baboons than people in flesh and blood.
It’s really shameful that this republic has fallen to bunch of fascist dogs who know nothing but politics of hate, intolerance and bigotry. These people have got hilarious political agendas such as names of cities, choice of food, protection of cows and love marriages while issues like poverty, starvation, health care remain completely absent from their menu.
Surprisingly such kind of politics has a great mass appeal!! Maybe its just because 90% of Indians are stupid

Whom will you fight?

Maybe the Indian and Pakistani masses too should decide if the want to fight each other they need to fight poverty and economic injustice? Because if anything the recent events have unveiled is this that the unity of black and whites or Hindus and Muslims or of Indians and Pakistanis is the most intimidating factor for the ruling classes and they have shown immense desperation to keep them apart!

Haider and Kashmir

The military occupation and disappearance of thousands of Kashmiris shown in the movie Haider reminds of the book ‘An ordinary person’s guide to empire’ by Ms Arundhati Roy in which she portrayed somewhat similar view about the Palestine of India. Who knows the truth but at least its for the first time when any form of media has presented an alternate view about Kashmir which is commendable. Afterall when it comes to nationalism, rationality becomes sedition and treason

Tilangana and Andhra