Right wing Hypocrisy

Any sane being would wonder why anything such as the “right wing” is even allowed to exist in a democracy? The don’t miss a single opportunity to amaze us with their bizarre ideals, absurd agendas and shockingly low IQ. Unlike the left wing; barren lands, dead ideals, barbaric religions and brutal customs are more important to theses baboons than people in flesh and blood.
It’s really shameful that this republic has fallen to bunch of fascist dogs who know nothing but politics of hate, intolerance and bigotry. These people have got hilarious political agendas such as names of cities, choice of food, protection of cows and love marriages while issues like poverty, starvation, health care remain completely absent from their menu.
Surprisingly such kind of politics has a great mass appeal!! Maybe its just because 90% of Indians are stupid


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