Nationalism: Land over People

The diggers who formed the first hippy commune were declared ranters and forced to flee by the British crown. The French aristocracy never hesitated to chop off the heads of rebels during the French revolution to save its power, seven decades later the same French Govt massacred 30K rebels of the Paris commune. The third Reich made sure to send the Jews, the communists, the homosexuals in the concentration camps. The US Govt incarcerated Japanese nations soon after its attack on Imperial Japan. The Indian state not only allowed the main accuse of Bhopal gas tragedy that claimed 20K lives to flee but is committing horrific crimes against humanity in it’s infamous war against people.
All these aforementioned events clearly indicate these ideas of nation, motherland, patriotism and nationalism are all about govts which in turn is simply a mechanism of control and oppression at the hands of ruling classes that will mercilessly and ruthlessly eliminate anyone and everyone who comes in their way. Can’t we see nationalism and religion of state is all about land and rocks and has got absolutely nothing to do with people in flesh and blood. Rather state will never hesitate to put land before the lives of its people and not even hesitate to kill its own people for the same reason. Apparently that’s the reason Marx believed that ‘worker has no country.’

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