When the juvenile walks free

Today, the juvenile involved in the Delhi gang rape walks free after having served the sentence and people go mad as they want him dead. He was tried and punished according to the existing laws of the land; people who advocate capital punishment for the minor neither stand for democracy nor for the idea that man, specially a minor, can be reformed and hence must be given a second chance. After all, death penalty is simply murder sanctioned by the state. Come on! India is a democracy, not Taliban! These civilized people demanding death penalty for a minor are acting like cowards hiding behind the mask of morality. This minor has become a universally accepted incarnation of evil towards which everyone can point their fingers and say “look, that’s the bad guy”. How come demanding death for a boy makes you the good guy? Does that make you any different than the other five adult murderers? Have you given up on humanity and the hope that a boy can change? Demanding death for a juvenile isn’t justice; it’s revenge, which will only satisfy the collective conscience of the majority! Believe me, many people are good only because they don’t have the stomach to commit the evil. They need such icons of evil to certify their goodness.


Bangladesh and Baluchistan

In 1947 the mullahs and nawabs of UP, CP, Bengal and Delhi created a fake state called Pakistan. They created it by impoing a linguistic imperialism of the Urdu culture on Punjab on Sindh on Baluchistan and on Bangladesh.
It was one of the first and legitimized model of what we now call the “Islamic state” that massacred 3 Mn of it’s own bangla speaking subjects and committed a genocidal rape of 400K bangla women. This monstrous military establishment is now committing the same sort of genocide in it’s own province of Baluchistan!
The world did nothing then the world will do nothing now! That’s the sort of leverage you get when you’re a client nation of the US. I see so many hypocrite mullas who’s heart swell with grief witnessing the atrocities committed by Israel and India in Palestine and Kashmir. These same clowns would take a vow of silence when it comes to the war crimes of Pakistan inflicted upon their fellow Muslim brothers! Most probably because it’s an Islamic state? Just like the ISIS???

Xenophobia legalised

Just because you take the trouble of standing up for National anthem
Just because you salute your national flag
Just because you gratify your ego by searching for significance
in such external objects of songs and bits of coloured clothes
because you can’t find it in yourself
Just because you bash people who are deemed enemies of state
Or because you do all this simply because you were told to
since the first day of school
does not makes you a nationalist!!
It simply makes you the protagonist of the most blatant
most inhumane and the most accepted form of xenophobia and racism!
And a party to all savageries
Inflicted upon humanity in it’s name! 
And you wonder why nationalism is
the last refuge of scoundrels??