Dalits and affirmative action

For every problem the dalits and the aboriginals have been facing in this republic let it be lynching, murder, rape poverty, social and economic marginalisation or just anything the rich Brahmin- Baniya kids have one and only one simple solution- end reservation or affirmative actions for these poor people who have been discriminated on the very basis of their caste for 5K years and everything will be fine!
I just don’t know if they are that stupid or they have just inherited the savage ideology of usurpation from their predecessors who looted India for 5K years in the name of a rotten religion and it’s barbaric Gods that don’t exist! An ideology that is aimed at keeping the poor marginalized and ashamed of their existence, an ideology that prompts men to worship dumb animals and look down upon fellow humans!
We are talking about the ideology of Hidutva that belongs to the stone age whose very core lies at maintaining and preserving the structural violence and feudal system


Kashmir o Kasmir

India and Pakistan have fought four wars since their birth in 1947 over the Kashmir dispute; three of which took place before 1990.
The kashmiri Muslims complain about Indian state turning Kashmir into a military occupation but will take a vow of silence when asked why it happened.
Kashmir wasn’t turned into military occupation after the wars of 1947 or 65 or even 71.
It’s only after the radical Muslims drove the entire indigenous Kashmiri Pundit population from their homeland in early 90’s that the military had to be installed in Kashmir.
So like I always say a terrorist is not only a fanatic that kills people with guns but also that peaceful bigot who supports the actions of that murderer!
And I met one yesterday!!


Done with culture!

Culture is something that appeals to the conservative elements all across the society, something that appeals to the feudal elements across the society, it appeals to the moral police everywhere and it is the first and final argument of all the reactionaries, fascists, fundamentalists and extremists to justify their extremely racist, bigoted, misogynistic, casteist, irrational and inhumane conduct.
Anyways I never found the Indian culture great or even worthy of respect because culture everywhere has been just a word to justify stupidity, savagery and irrationality!!

Hate for economy not the culture!

I hate western economy but I love western culture with all my heart.
But I see all this white shaming and the regressive left adamant to destroy everything humanity has ever achieved and everything the western civilization stands for i.e. liberty, equality, fraternity, free speech, freedom of choice, socialism, communism and even democracy.
I m not defending imperialism or saying all this wasn’t built at the backs of the third world but let’s be honest and accept that no one stopped the east form having an industrial revolution of it’s own.
So like many folks I too became skeptical about all this refugee crisis after the mass sexual assault of German women on new year eve.
Because let’s be honest why EU has to bear the burden of the refugee crisis alone? Why can’t Saudi Arabia or Qatar who claim to be the champions of Islam share this responsibility along with the west?
EU is surrendering up to an ideology that in every form is antagonist to everything west stands for. And the fall of west will be a catastrophy for every liberal and lover of freedom on this planet!!

Murder of Rohith

It’s a habit of fascists to kill people and then blame them for their own death. We witnessed another display of their this particular skill when a just few days back the nation saw the bigotry of the Hindu ideology claiming yet another life.
Rohith left us only with his words, the words that clearly portray the condition of a tormented mind. The words that yet again prove that caste is the malice of Hindu society and it’s this structural violence that has kept India undeveloped for 5K years.
In Dr. Ambedkar’s words the Hindus are brutally bigoted and casteists not because they are evil people but because they are deeply religious. And it’s a known fact that structural violence and preservation of the barbaric feudal system is the core of Hindu ideology.
Even after all this it’s truly unfortunate to see the sympathizers of Hindu terrorism shamelessly blaming Rohith for his own death by deeming him casteist, extremist and anti national!!
C’mon is this cow piss you drink messing up your brain?? A victim of casteism can’t be casteist, a protagonist of freedom of expression and abolishment of capital punishment cannot be an extremist and an ant- national certainly cannot take his own life!!
Is it that difficult to understand? I don’t think so.
Because what it seems like is this that we just don’t want to understand, we just don’t want to accept that we are deeply bigoted, casteists and prejudiced people and every time this ugly face of religious extremism confronts us in form of Dadri, Malda and Rohith we just rush to mop the dirt under the rug.
Why? Because we are being told to live under the made up fantasy world of believing we live in the best society and the best country of the world?
Enough with this shit! What happend in Dadri and Malda and to Rohith can someday happen to you and your passive support for the active extremism would be held accountable for it and then no one would be there to speak for you.