Rise rise!

Caste and religion based violence have been a reality of this nation since independence. But it’s also a reality that communal violence is on the rise since the Hindu fundamentalists took over and it’s a fact that is even accepted by govt and non govt bodies. Never has the country witnessed a regime that is openly tolerant towards intolerance, never has the country seen a govt whose leaders and ministers appear to have come up with a roster system of delivering hate speech never has the country witnessed an HRD minister giving hate speech on the parliament floor.

Never has the republic witnessed an era of extreme jingoistic nationalism where every debate and discussion has been reduced to the binary of nationalism and anti nationalism. And needless to say never has the county been ruled on the most toxic mixture of governance i.e. liberalism in trade and conservatism in culture.

What do we get when we combine all this? An exclusive, fanatical, and jingoistic form of nationalism that demands one nation one religion and one language aimed at establishing the rule of rich male Brahmins. And when seeing the society with this prism we’d be shocked to see almost everyone in the country is a traitor let it be the Kashmiris or the North Easterns or the Keralites or the Madrasies or the Muslims or or the Christians or the Dalits or the Aboriginals or the Women or the dissents or the intellectuals or the writers or the poets or the students or let it be anyone who doesn’t fit into the agenda of Hindu nationalism.

The only singularity about India is that it can only be described in plurality! As it’s said one language two nations, two language one nation; same can be applied on culture, religion and creed.

The fact that case and religion based violence are on the rise is because of the blatant patronage to such fringe elements by those sitting in the govt. What hope can a country have where a student is booked under sedition for demanding freedom from poverty but a leader urging his followers  to be prepared for final  battle against Muslims remains untouched?

Why won’t the republic witness rise in communal violence in the name of nationalism when it’s being governed by the daughter organization of Italy’s fascist party that draws is idea of nationalism from Europe, rejects the constitution, burns national flag and constructs temples  for the murderer of Gandhi? Have no doubt; what we are witnessing is a radical insurrection against the constitution of India.

But just like capitalism fascism digs its own grave. Such fascist authoritarian approach of this govt has brought the Communists, the Ambedkarits, the Feminists and the liberals together spontaneously.  And we hope these fascists will soon meet their Stalingrad.


Affirmative action and Action!

Freedom can be political, social or economic but in order to have the first two, one must have economic freedom. The reservation policy or what is called ‘affirmative action’ is all about assisting the marginalized sections of society in attaining economic freedom. The critics of this policy might say that economic status must be the criteria for reservation, which simply shows that they are not in touch with the reality of this country.

Caste is class in this nation and this has remained the truth of Indian society for nearly three thousand years. It was the caste factor that decided the economic status of an individual for all these years. So if caste became the basis of political, social and economic injustice, then caste and only caste can be made and remain the basis of political, social and economic justice. There is much to be done in this direction and one critical aspect of that is to take steps to ensure that existing policies work in actual practice.

India is a democratic “welfare state” but today, a sinister public opinion is being built up that projects cheap education as a privilege/ tax-payer’s handout and an expensive education as something very normal.. Now how can a substantial number of Dalit or Adivasi citizens “benefit” from the reservation system when basic education itself IS MADE inaccessible to them?

Unfortunately, India is witnessing a massive war on public education ironically by the State itself that includes slashing the education budget, demeaning government schools, calling off scholarship programs and branding schools as the breeding grounds of Naxal and Maoist movements. As if this wasn’t bad enough, they have started branding universities as anti-national and are actively garnering popular public opinion around that! This entire design works on one simple principle: you drain public offices of funds and make people angry and when people get angry you let private corporations do what the State should have done in the first place.

While it is fair to say that there are many poor people in this country across caste lines, poverty is different from social discrimination and alienation, something only the Dalits and Adivasis of this country have faced for centuries. An inclusive economy, if that indeed is the great Indian dream, can be achieved by declaring the rights to food, education and healthcare as the “fundamental rights” essential of each citizen.

When the State ‘misuses’ reservation and starts handing it out to all and sundry (the Jats are the most recent point in case), it means that not only has it failed to mobilize affirmative action to uplift the Dalits and Adivasis for whom the reservation system was first introduced, it has also failed to alleviate poverty by creating jobs for ALL.

Passion and Hate

A Hindu being lynched and a man lynched for being Hindu are two different things!
Former is a crime of passion while later is a crime of hate!
One is murdered by people while the other is murdered by an ideology!
One the end in itself while other is the means to the end!
One destroys life while the other ignites fire that may engulf cities, states and countries!
But it’s shameful that few haters are adamant to prove crime of passion as crime of hate and crime of hate as crime of passion!
For what? Few votes? To polarize the society? To gain political might? To get appreciation of their bosses??
If anything needs to be shut down it’s the cyber cells of these fascist elements!!

Why? Just Why??

They say why ask questions that have existed since the dawn of time?
They ask why question us why not our predecessors?
We thought duty of patriot was
To protect its country from its govt
They turned it upside down and ordered us that
Duty of a patriot is
To protect the govt from the country!
They say why question when you can comply?
Why reason when you can just kill?
Why educate yourself when you can school yourself?
Why think at all when you can indoctrinate yourself?
Why live for humanity when you can die for cow?
Why fight the culture of oppression when you can fight for the culture?
Why go to college when unlettered goons can go to the parliament?
Why respect women when you can worship mother India?
Why be a human when you can be a fanatic?
Why be a rationalist when you can be a nationalist?
Whyy??? Isn’t fascism good enough for you????

India and India

What they told us about Indian
was just the story of cities and towns
of ideal villages and imaginary utopia 
What they told us about the Indians
was just a sample size of handful privileged elitists
What they told us about the culture
was their idea of culture
The culture of rich, privileged, capitalist patriarchs
What they told us about freedom
was the freedom of rich to steal from the poor
They told us feel proud you live in the largest democracy
Did they forget to tell us to be mortified of
the largest military occupation existing in the same democracy?
Is anyone ashamed of inanimateness of democracy in Kashmir,
in North East, in the red corridors?
They convinced us about the tangibility of romantic delusional ideas
and taught us to see reality as some disgusting myth
When all this happened??

Ours and theirs Nationalism

While the progressive nationalists of jnu displayed their open discontent towards the social evils of poverty and brahmanism the fake nationalism of hindutava fascists was shaken to the core by four slogans!
When Sanghis protested against jnu they deemed an entire university anti national, compared the girls of jnu with whores and threatened Kanhaiya and his friends with murder and lynching!
But when jnu protested against the sanghis and their hollow ideology of hindutava nationalism they simply commenced special classes on nation and nationalism!
While jnu was having discourse on social evils confronting the nation the sanghis were busy collecting condoms in the jnu campus.
When Kanhaiya was granted bail he talked about the threats of neo-fascism, meaning of Aazadi and treating the right wingers as political opponents rather than enemies!
After Kanhaiya’s fiery speech the rightists reacted by asking the price of his jacket and demeaning his relation with his female comrade! When this wasn’t enough they put a bounty of 15 L on Kanhaiya’s head!!!

I m telling this because if you’re a supporter of Kanhaiya and a protagonist of constitution and personal liberty you must know what kind of sick people will oppose you and what is the level of their intellect. And it’s up to you to decide if these people with such sick, perverse and criminal mindset even worthy of your words and time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

National debate drama!

Was listening to that Anupam Kher’s speech in The Telegraph national debate which was just another Manusmriti Irani type high on drama and low on material kinda play act!
First of all the constitution of India promises equality to each and every member of society so just like every vote has one value every opinion must have equal value.
In that case the rich have every right to comment on the state of Indian society just as much as Mr. Kher or Mr. PM have!
Plus if he thinks the poor is only concerned about two square meal then he might like to ask his God that why the state is so shamelessly cutting funds on food security on health and on education??
And lastly he must know that although the PM never begged us to make him the PM but he did begged for our votes that made him the PM. So yes we will hold him accountable for everything good and bad happening in the country. Because PM is merely a representative of the masses not the ruler of the masses!
After all is a democracy and not a banana republic……….. yet!!!!!!!!!!!