Rise rise!

Caste and religion based violence have been a reality of this nation since independence. But it’s also a reality that communal violence is on the rise since the Hindu fundamentalists took over and it’s a fact that is even accepted by govt and non govt bodies. Never has the country witnessed a regime that is openly tolerant towards intolerance, never has the country seen a govt whose leaders and ministers appear to have come up with a roster system of delivering hate speech never has the country witnessed an HRD minister giving hate speech on the parliament floor.

Never has the republic witnessed an era of extreme jingoistic nationalism where every debate and discussion has been reduced to the binary of nationalism and anti nationalism. And needless to say never has the county been ruled on the most toxic mixture of governance i.e. liberalism in trade and conservatism in culture.

What do we get when we combine all this? An exclusive, fanatical, and jingoistic form of nationalism that demands one nation one religion and one language aimed at establishing the rule of rich male Brahmins. And when seeing the society with this prism we’d be shocked to see almost everyone in the country is a traitor let it be the Kashmiris or the North Easterns or the Keralites or the Madrasies or the Muslims or or the Christians or the Dalits or the Aboriginals or the Women or the dissents or the intellectuals or the writers or the poets or the students or let it be anyone who doesn’t fit into the agenda of Hindu nationalism.

The only singularity about India is that it can only be described in plurality! As it’s said one language two nations, two language one nation; same can be applied on culture, religion and creed.

The fact that case and religion based violence are on the rise is because of the blatant patronage to such fringe elements by those sitting in the govt. What hope can a country have where a student is booked under sedition for demanding freedom from poverty but a leader urging his followers  to be prepared for final  battle against Muslims remains untouched?

Why won’t the republic witness rise in communal violence in the name of nationalism when it’s being governed by the daughter organization of Italy’s fascist party that draws is idea of nationalism from Europe, rejects the constitution, burns national flag and constructs temples  for the murderer of Gandhi? Have no doubt; what we are witnessing is a radical insurrection against the constitution of India.

But just like capitalism fascism digs its own grave. Such fascist authoritarian approach of this govt has brought the Communists, the Ambedkarits, the Feminists and the liberals together spontaneously.  And we hope these fascists will soon meet their Stalingrad.


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