From a handful of Militants to thousands of Kashmiris chanting Azadi. What have you done India?
When did country like Pakistan became the Elysian field of Kashmiris! How’s this possible?
Two hundred thousand Kashmiris turn up for the funeral of a terrorist. What’s the meaning of this?
We love Kashmir as much as we hate the Kashmiris!
But maybe calling Kashmir the “integral” part of India means something more than just claiming absolute right over land and rocks!
Maybe integration means something more than a hundred thousand dead Kashmiris or eighty thousand disappearances or mass rapes or mass graves or human right violation with impunity or turning a bleak valley into a military occupation of one million soldiers.
After all army looks good at the borders not outside houses.
Maybe calling Kashmir the integral part of India simply means talking, listening and understanding.
But look at Kashmir it has become the Palestine of India.
Kashmir is burning.
What happened??
AFSPA happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The vegetarian wolf

The so called cow vigilantly Brahman Banya gang again assaulted four dalits for skinning dead animals because they claim to believe cow is their mother!!
Since Hindutva ideology is more about hating the imagined “others” than loving their own people, it has selected it’s imagined “mother” very carefully!
These people know Muslims have been eating beef since generations, these people know sections of dalits have been skinning dead animals since ages and hence they can easily use the cow excuse to target both dalits and Muslims at the same time!
All this brutality all this savagery inflicted by these Saffron lynch mob is not for the love of their Cow mommy but for the deep contempt and hatred they carry within their hearts towards the dalits, the aboriginals, the OBCs and the Muslims!
If they really love their Cow mamma so bad why can’t they just do sth similar to the beef seller bjp leader and riot accuse Sangeet Som??
If this is not Hindu terrorism then what else is??

Nationalism yours and mine

If your nationalism is militarization of nation
If your nationalism is piled up dead bodies
If your nationalism is AFSPA
If your nationalism is all about rocks and land
If your nationalism is to treat citizens as outsiders and guests
If your nationalism is all about shape and size of maps
If your nationalism excludes men in flesh and blood
If your nationalism is build around stolen valor
If your nationalism is build around things you never did
If your nationalism demands sacrificing a small for the ‘greater good’
If your nationalism is that some people must die
If your nationalism is to sit in your comfort zones and fan jingoism
If your nationalism is about shutting universities and funding war on people
If your nationalism is about marginalization of the destitute, impoverished, downtrodden and oppressed
If your nationalism is exclusively about about one particular religion, caste, language and culture
If your nationalism is to celebrate human rights violation
If your nationalism is glorification of war
If your nationalism is all about us and them
If your nationalism can only be measured by one’s hatered towards the imagined enemy
If your nationalismis to hide behind the sacrifices of our soldiers
If your nationalism does not includes peace measures to prevent any more soldier deaths
If your nationalism is to curb human rights, free speech and personal liberty in the name of nationalism
If your nationalism is is to stand behind your govt and not your people
If your nationalism is to claim how much you love your country while searching green pastures abroad
Then sorry to say you’re no nationalist but a sadistic coward
who enjoys seeing death and destruction from a safe distance
And I will never be a party to this mass maniac hysteria!


Guess the world would be a better place if men just relieve themselves from their divine duty of “protecting the honour of women!”
In a world where most of the crimes against women are committed by family members and relatives, believing that women are safer at home and vulnerable outside is itself delusional and superstitious.
How will all you guardians of culture protect a woman from a murdering brother or a rapist father or an abusive husband!!!
Any plans???

Dissent God Freedom

Every time some bizarre landmark decision is taken by the Islamic courts of any Islamic state (for example Iran passing a law that allows men to marry their adopted daughters) you will find a bunch of Mullas coming up with their most usual line: This is not Islam!!
The point is that any creed or set of belief can’t move towards liberalism unless it is allowed to be critically analysed by its own followers because once you declare a set of belief infallible it can very easily be distorted by the ruling classes for their own vested interests!!!

We need more dissenting voices withing Islam questioning the legitimacy of Koran or blaming Muhammad for pedophilia and warmongering!
Just the way we witnessed people openly questioning the authority of Church and morality of Christianity during the Renaissance period in Europe or like the current critics of Hinduism who blame Rama for abusing Sita or call Krishna a womaniser warmonger and refer Hinduism as the chamber of Horrors for dalits!!

Right or wrong is other thing; the thing of foremost importance is the amount of freedom being given to dissenting voices!

In short we need more Tareq Fateh and Aayan Hirsi Ali cause things won’t change unless people are critical about their own prejudices!!!

Religion Man Religion

When you say it’s the man that is evil not religion you’re simply trying to convince others about the infallibility of your religion!
But let’s be honest; a doctrine invented by cave dwellers, half evolved, warmongering, misogynist savages who believed everything they didn’t understand happens by magic is the last thing on this planet to have a claim over infallibility!!!
Did Einstein ever said I’ll kill you if you try to disprove my theory of relativity???
Religion has outlived it’s purpose, it has killed far more men than all other schools of thoughts combined and has only created a despotic empire of blood, death, sorrows and countless evils for an invisible God!!!!
God must die so that man may live!!!!