Dissent God Freedom

Every time some bizarre landmark decision is taken by the Islamic courts of any Islamic state (for example Iran passing a law that allows men to marry their adopted daughters) you will find a bunch of Mullas coming up with their most usual line: This is not Islam!!
The point is that any creed or set of belief can’t move towards liberalism unless it is allowed to be critically analysed by its own followers because once you declare a set of belief infallible it can very easily be distorted by the ruling classes for their own vested interests!!!

We need more dissenting voices withing Islam questioning the legitimacy of Koran or blaming Muhammad for pedophilia and warmongering!
Just the way we witnessed people openly questioning the authority of Church and morality of Christianity during the Renaissance period in Europe or like the current critics of Hinduism who blame Rama for abusing Sita or call Krishna a womaniser warmonger and refer Hinduism as the chamber of Horrors for dalits!!

Right or wrong is other thing; the thing of foremost importance is the amount of freedom being given to dissenting voices!

In short we need more Tareq Fateh and Aayan Hirsi Ali cause things won’t change unless people are critical about their own prejudices!!!


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