From a handful of Militants to thousands of Kashmiris chanting Azadi. What have you done India?
When did country like Pakistan became the Elysian field of Kashmiris! How’s this possible?
Two hundred thousand Kashmiris turn up for the funeral of a terrorist. What’s the meaning of this?
We love Kashmir as much as we hate the Kashmiris!
But maybe calling Kashmir the “integral” part of India means something more than just claiming absolute right over land and rocks!
Maybe integration means something more than a hundred thousand dead Kashmiris or eighty thousand disappearances or mass rapes or mass graves or human right violation with impunity or turning a bleak valley into a military occupation of one million soldiers.
After all army looks good at the borders not outside houses.
Maybe calling Kashmir the integral part of India simply means talking, listening and understanding.
But look at Kashmir it has become the Palestine of India.
Kashmir is burning.
What happened??
AFSPA happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One thought on “KashExit!

  1. You cannot call burhan a terrorist. He was a militant. I recommend you to read & understand the kashmir issue, then you’ll know that burhan was a hero. They say “when injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty”

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