Luxury and Education

Rahul Dev is said to be contesting in Bigg Boss only to fund his son’s education.
One can only imagine how difficult it’s for a commoner to fund their child’s education in this neoliberal era.
Because we have been conditioned to believe that a costly education is the norm and free education is luxury.
I guess free education is a basic human right because luxury would be to go for an overpriced substandard education.
This idea of free education seems a revolutionary concept because we have been made to forget that the education that our fathers and grandfathers received was almost free of cost.
But of course demanding free education makes you a burden on taxpayers’ and asking why education is so costly is sedition.


Intellectual Terrorism?

• Intellectual terrorism is tricking the gullible masses into believing that liberals, atheists, feminists, Ambedkarites and leftists are the real intellectual terrorists.                                   •  Intellectual terrorism is to demonize words like secular and socialist.
• Intellectual terrorism is to make people believe that war is peace.
• Intellectual terrorism is to induce the fear of minority in the majority.                                   • Intellectual terrorism is to lure people into believing that places of worship are more important than public toilets, schools and hospitals.
• Intellectual terrorism is to monopolize knowledge and keep the society illustrate and uncivilized for thousands of years.
• Intellectual terrorism is to cry that welfare state and affirmative action is anti development.
• Intellectual terrorism is calling inflation, poverty and unemployment as development.
• Intellectual terrorism is to say that market fundamentalism and Religious fundamentalism are somehow beneficial for the society.                                                                  
• Intellectual terrorism is to displace millions of people for the profit of few in the name of development.

The hot chaiwalla

I always thought there was sth disturbing about the whole Pakistani chaiwala becoming internet sensation thing, which was way beyond objectifiying human body (that happens all the time).
The very fact that a blue eyed fair skinned ‘chaiwala’ has become an eye candy of Bourgeois and petty Bourgeois women in India and Pak is the direct reflection of the colonial classiest mindset prevailing in both the countries that is used to believing that a ‘chiwala’ has to be ugly, he has to be dark skinned and he must be black of eyes.
This mass hysteria is not for a good looking chaiwala but is an expression of disbelief. Disbelief towards the assumption that someone who does physical labour must be ugly and must be black.
What does such colonial mindset says about us as a free nation??