Intellectual Terrorism?

• Intellectual terrorism is tricking the gullible masses into believing that liberals, atheists, feminists, Ambedkarites and leftists are the real intellectual terrorists.                                   •  Intellectual terrorism is to demonize words like secular and socialist.
• Intellectual terrorism is to make people believe that war is peace.
• Intellectual terrorism is to induce the fear of minority in the majority.                                   • Intellectual terrorism is to lure people into believing that places of worship are more important than public toilets, schools and hospitals.
• Intellectual terrorism is to monopolize knowledge and keep the society illustrate and uncivilized for thousands of years.
• Intellectual terrorism is to cry that welfare state and affirmative action is anti development.
• Intellectual terrorism is calling inflation, poverty and unemployment as development.
• Intellectual terrorism is to say that market fundamentalism and Religious fundamentalism are somehow beneficial for the society.                                                                  
• Intellectual terrorism is to displace millions of people for the profit of few in the name of development.

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