Antisemitic or Anti Zionist?

It’s shameful that those so called champions of humanity are rejoicing over the fires in Haifa, Israel.
Yes what Israeli Govt is doing to Palestine is inhuman but tell me honestly what can you possibly do if tomorrow your govt declares war on some poor nation?
Your hatred and antisemitism has erased the line between nation and state.
If every Israeli citizen is responsible for the actions of their govt then by that logic 400 million Americans are equally responsible for the actions of their govt which is busy creating Palestines all across the globe.


You had just one job..

For three thousand years this nation had a whole class of self proclaimed scholars called Brahmins whose only job according to some invisible texture of questionable existence and authority was to read, write and gather knowledge and get free stuff in return.
But inspite of all that long period and all that indolence and escape from work they didn’t wrote a single text that could be taught in any university of this planet.
All they did was eating, pooping, polluting the society with superstition and making sure that noone else gets access to education.
I mean if your only job was to acquire knowledge you could have come up with at least something meaningful in three millennia but I guess getting fed for doing nothing was rather more pressing concern!                                                                                                                 And right now we are seeing an increased number of such brahmanist coming out of closet showing blatant support for the right wing communal fascism as they still fantasize of going back to those happy old barbaric dark ages when their ancestors were paid for being a burden on society.

Fascists and Fascists!

Fascism according to Mussolini is merger of state and corporate interest.
Fascism according to Trotsky is attributing nationalism to one religion, one language and one culture.
Sooo Congress was fascist by the definition of Mussolini which in turn made it fascist for 90% of the Indian population or the Starving India.
BUT even a blind can see that this current BJP govt is fascist by both Mussolini’s and Trotsky’s definition of fascism which makes it fascist not only for the Starving India but also for the remaining 10% Indian population or the Shining India and hence making it fascist for the entire nation!

Marginalized or Brahmanist Stooge?

People will tell you that Modi is not Brahmanist because he comes from some OBC family.
Okay so how many bhakts will remain his Bhakts in case he leaves his party of Brahmins and just like Lalu, Mulayam and Kanshiram forms a party of SC/OBC leaders like him?
Before saying something stupid just remember we live in a country where Lalu is called Lalua and Mayawati was called whore but a former British spy is called Atal ‘JI’ not because of the content of their character but because of the place of their birth.
He must remember that it was the democracy that made him the PM of India as no such provisiuon is made available in the Brahmanist doctrine of Manusmriti.