Hinduism, Brahmanis and Shivaji 

​Let this massive wastage of our tax money serve as a message that caste is the skeleton of Hinduism. 

Let this stand as a monument of Brahmanical mindset that identifies a man’s worth by his birth. 

Let this stand as a reminder to every non Brahmin that feels proud to be a Hindu that even if a Maratha becomes a warrior King he’d still remain a Maratha an OBC for the Brahmanist leeches.

Fail or Pass

The duty of a welfare state is to provide a healthy matrix to it’s citizens where they can attain their full potential.
But if citizens are forced to look up to the private sector for education, medication, food and shelter we can assert that the state has failed it’s citizens and has no right to demand any kind of loyalty from it’s subjects.
So before gratifying your nationalist ego by deeming Pakistan a failed state just look at your own state India and tell me that it’s not a failed one.

Oppressed and oppressor!

It’s nowhere written in stone that poverty will make you generous or suffering will make you kind.
Just remember that the Holocaust didn’t prevent it’s survivors from establishing one of the most brutal military occupations in human history because Auschwitz was a concentration camp not some department of humanities of Delhi University where people went to receive education.
Similarly the war in middle East can’t be used to undermine the exponential spread of IslamoFascism and wahabism among the Muslim world that has reduced the Muslim population to merely a religious group and has bred a generation of fanatically fundamentalist, misogynistic and bigoted individuals having deep contempt towards the ideals of democracy, liberalism and western civilisation.
It’s still not late to know the difference between pro Muslim and pro Islam or between minority appraisal and appeasing the fundamentalists of minority.

Human Rights?? 

​I remember how people were getting of their cunts when food security act was introduced deeming it a politically motivated move. 

I remember how people were calling free education as waste of ‘their’ tax money. 

I know how upset the medical students get over the idea of mandatory rural posting. 

I remembered how pained people were when an Italian ‘born’ was about to become the PM of this nation. 

I have seen how unjust the idea or social justice appears to privileged people. 

I have seen how apathetic were the privileged people when poor were dying in bank queues. 

I have noticed how every pro people idea is deemed anti development. 

I have witnessed how our deityfication has  stripped the soldiers of their human character. 
Does this nation even deserves to have human rights when it’s absence is celebrated by the lumpenproletariat?? 

Azadi and Hindurashtra

Hindutva Movement:
# Hindus not the Muslims are original inhabitants of India.
# We were enslaved by Muslims a thousand years back.
# For one thousand years we have been under foreign subjugation.
# Let’s kill Muslims in Bhagalpur and Godhra Riots.
# Lets form a Hindu state.

Azad Kashmir Movement:
# Muslims not the Hindus are true Kashmiris.
# We were enslaved by the Mughals in Fifteen hundred sth.
# For five hundred we have been under foreign subjugation.
# Let’s kill and ignite an ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Hindus in the valley.
# Lets form an Islamic state or merge with Pak.

Is there any difference???