Human Rights?? 

​I remember how people were getting of their cunts when food security act was introduced deeming it a politically motivated move. 

I remember how people were calling free education as waste of ‘their’ tax money. 

I know how upset the medical students get over the idea of mandatory rural posting. 

I remembered how pained people were when an Italian ‘born’ was about to become the PM of this nation. 

I have seen how unjust the idea or social justice appears to privileged people. 

I have seen how apathetic were the privileged people when poor were dying in bank queues. 

I have noticed how every pro people idea is deemed anti development. 

I have witnessed how our deityfication has  stripped the soldiers of their human character. 
Does this nation even deserves to have human rights when it’s absence is celebrated by the lumpenproletariat?? 


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