Stories and new stories.

It’s often said that to be truly free man must see through the illusions of man made myths, legends and stories in order to see the reality more clearly.
But to be human itself means living in dual realities: the reality of personal objectivity and the reality of collective subjectivity.
When they cry out for freedom, they want the man to look beyond the later and focus on the former kinda reality.
But then that’s what makes human the most successful species on this planet, that humans can cooperate in with each other flexibly in large numbers.
God, religion, nations, money are some of those collective subjectivities that helped to bind humans towards a single common goal.
So I guess maybe freedom is not about giving up on subjective realities and relying on animal instincts but to know which mass illusion has served its purpose and when is the time to switch to the mass illusions of new stories such as human rights, liberty, fraternity, democracy, socialism, anarchism or individualism and at the same time keeping in mind the fact that such fables can’t be taken as absolute truth.
Afterall, there is a reason why one man is no match for a lion but a clan of mere hundred men can exterminate the entire lion population in its territory.


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