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Ground check: Few enlightening thoughts I learned from my colleagues yesterday-
• ‘So what’ if Yogi is a goon at least he’s not corrupt.
• We have had enough with secularism, now it’s the time for Hindus to shine.
• Why can’t sth as simple as beef be banned when ‘other nations’ have far worse kinda bans/restrictions.

In short: everything is fine as long as the ‘others’ have to sacrifice their rights for the gratification of our communal ego.

This conversation could be taken as another example of post-truth era where facts do not matter because:
• Noone remembers which public office Yogi held earlier to prove himself an honest public servant.
• The idea of India secularism that prevents the ‘others’ from being made second class citizens is the real pain in the ass of these moderate Hindus.
• When it comes to justifying the culture of bans and prohibitions the ‘others nation’ they cite are obviously never the first world nations or even the second world nations but usually failed states like Somalia, Sudan and Pakistan.

I guess it’s the indication of a sick society that dreams of becoming the next superpower but wants its human rights to be just compatible with Pakistan and Iran.

Partner in Crime

Before the British Raj India was self-colonized entity, colonized by upper caste feudal landowners.
During British Raj India was colonized by the nexus of British imperialism and Indian feudalism.
After British Raj in the so-called independent India again fell in the hands of feudal powers and what we are seeing right now is transitioning of India from democracy to feudalism.

देश की जनता भूखी है
ये आजादी झूठी है |

Real Marxists?

Yechury once said “Marxism means concrete analysis of concrete conditions. As conditions change and your analysis does not change then you’re not a Marxist.”
So I guess in that way all the Indian Marxists who have analyzed Indian society on the basis of class and undermined caste were not Marxists

United by hate. 

An antisemite of US supports Zionism in Israel.

An anti-Muslim of India supports anti-Hindus in Pakistan and US.

A Wahabi of Arab supports Christian nationalism in Europe.
So it doesn’t seem like the killings of a few Indians in hate crimes in US is going to change anything.

Because those burning Churches in India put the white supremacists of US in high regards. 

Because this is how it works.

Who owes an apology?? 

Sashi Tharoor should explain how dark was the British Rai btw? Darker than the barbarism of Brahmanism or the savagery of Peshwas or the malicious Aryan invasion?? 

Tharoor says General Dyer who presided Jaliyanwala Bagh massacre was given state Honour by the British Raj and hence the UK govt must aton by apologizing to the Republic of India for honouring such horrendous act. 

While listening to his speech I was reminded of a similar incident: In the red corridors the police personnel who allegedly raped tribal activist Soni Sori and inserted stones in her private parts just few years back in the “independent” India was honoured with gallantry award by the same Indian state. 

Will the Indian state ever apologize to its citizens and Soni Sori? 

General Dyer was a British but these are our own people waging war on some of the poorest beings on the planet.

If British govt owes an apology to India for the atrocities committed during Raj period, the Indian state too owes an apology to its aboriginal population for all the atrocities it has been committing in the Red corridors.
In just 70 years the independent Indian state has used the sedition law against its own citizens more than it was used in the so called era of darkness of British Raj lasting 200 years. Who owes an apology?? 

Not so secret. 

In Marvel’s Iron Fist a secret society called ‘The Hand’ recruited kids from different backgrounds within its fold and helps them to infiltrate different public offices but on condition that they must always remain loyal to the society. 

Sounds a bit familiar right? Guess sometimes those elites unconsciously spill beans though sublime messages of their own boring TV series. 

Now replace secret with openly secret and The Hand with RSS. 😂😂😝😝

Quiet =/= Peace

Most common Savarna reaction every time they hear of Dalit atrocities:
1. Stop calling them dalits, we are all humans.
2. Scrap affirmative action and everything will be okay.

Why they do so:
1. They want caste apartheid to continue in silence and remain unacknowledged.
2. They hate the idea of social justice and equality.