Who owes an apology?? 

Sashi Tharoor should explain how dark was the British Rai btw? Darker than the barbarism of Brahmanism or the savagery of Peshwas or the malicious Aryan invasion?? 

Tharoor says General Dyer who presided Jaliyanwala Bagh massacre was given state Honour by the British Raj and hence the UK govt must aton by apologizing to the Republic of India for honouring such horrendous act. 

While listening to his speech I was reminded of a similar incident: In the red corridors the police personnel who allegedly raped tribal activist Soni Sori and inserted stones in her private parts just few years back in the “independent” India was honoured with gallantry award by the same Indian state. 

Will the Indian state ever apologize to its citizens and Soni Sori? 

General Dyer was a British but these are our own people waging war on some of the poorest beings on the planet.

If British govt owes an apology to India for the atrocities committed during Raj period, the Indian state too owes an apology to its aboriginal population for all the atrocities it has been committing in the Red corridors.
In just 70 years the independent Indian state has used the sedition law against its own citizens more than it was used in the so called era of darkness of British Raj lasting 200 years. Who owes an apology?? 


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