Democracy: the whore of modern world. 

In British Raj the indigo farmers just had to do peaceful Satyagraha to get their demands met. 

In “Independent India” the farmers are forced to drink their urine just to get the attention of the govt. 

And we are being told that we are free and the British were evil?

Even Hitler used state treasury to transport his victims to the camps build by the state where they were given compulsory jobs and later gassed at state’s expense. 

This govt forces its victims to evacuate their homes using state oppression. Once dislocated they make their own concentration camps (ghettos) where they take their own lives through starvation. 

Tell me again this state is any better than the Nazis or the Third Reich? 


Best of all or worst? 

“Since slaves are the personal assets of the master he makes sure they are well fed and well medicated because the personal riches of the master depends on the well being of his slaves. 

So in many ways the system of slavery is more humane than the modern factory system where workers are underfed and given meager wages.”

The aforementioned argument was made by the the pro slavery ideologues when slavery was being abolished in the US. 
But when a fascist state makes arguments like it’s subjects have no rights over their bodies it’s simply trying to mix the worse of both the system. Because no slave owner would take the control of a slave’s body without assuming the responsibility of feeding him. 
From slavery they took the idea of controling one’s body. From factory system they took the concept of keeping the worker in destitution. And from democracy they took the name.  


It’s wrong to compare Hindutva with Nazism. 

Hitler hated Jews because they were some of the richest and most powerful beings in Germany. 

Meanwhile Hindutvawadis are themselves some of the richest and most powerful beings in India who channel their hatred towards the poorest and weakest people of this country simply to protect their own privileges.