Guess thats why?

Was watching Star Plus’ Mahabharat in which Krishna gives Pandavas the task of building a kinda new world order after the great battle.
Guess that pretty much explains why India is the way it is:
Pandavas had extreme bias and prejudices against people of other races like Rakshas and Nagas,
They looked down upon the Shudras,
They loved gambling away their wife,
They lied and cheated to win a war,
They respected birth, not merit.
And here in India, we have at least a billion people who consider them their heroes.
Guess that’s the reason the India we live in is racist, casteist, communal, misogynist and full of hate filled cunning people!

Violent to the core.

A fanatic extremist is just someone who has taken his religion a bit too seriously and follows his doctrine word by word.So apparently ISIS, KKK, and RSS are the doing nothing but following their religion a bit better than the ones who remain a pacifist.

Because coexistence and tolerance are human values not religious. Has Christianity said that since Islam teaches the same thing you’re free to convert and vice versa? Or where has Islam said to go live with atheists? Or has Hinduism ever said not to be casteist assholes and practice inter caste marriages?

People are liberal and tolerant only because they don’t take their religion too seriously.
In case of disagreement just investigate that which religion asks to peacefully coexist with people of other faith or suggest that other religions also teach the same thing and are the paths to the same God AND where?

Terrorists and Nazis

It’d be wrong to compare Islamic terror with Hindutva terror.
While The Islamic terror is mostly the results out of foreign invasion/occupation or oppression and is known to have locked horns with some of the mightiest superpowers of the world, the Hindutva terror is the product of majoritarian anxiety, fear of change, clinging up to old reactionary ways and is only known for beating up poor, helpless children and the most vulnerable sections of society.
Saffron terror is not about actually being oppressed but about the fear of losing the power to oppress.
One rarely hears about any kinda reaction where the Hindoos are actually being oppressed such as in Pakistan or Bangladesh or in the United States.
Because for the saffron only operates under state patronage and guaranteed police protection.
They are more related to Nazis who terrorize people when the time is right and remain hidden when it’s not than to terrorists who fight for ideology.

For What?

What exactly have the Britons done that I’m expected to hate their rule so passionately?
For weakening feudalism?
For bringing petty kingdoms to heels?
For unifying the nation?
For giving us railways and bureaucracy? 
For providing modern education indiscriminately?
For banning child marriage and widow burning?
For establishing an industrial base in the country?
For giving us democracy?

If you still have any doubts please do remember:
People who practice caste apartheid and racism have no right to complain about white man being racist to them.
For a country where 10K people die daily of starvation and farmers commit suicide in millions, it’s not appropriate to blame another country for famines.
A state that has colonized the land of its aboriginals for corporate greed has no moral authority to whine about Imperialism.
A nation where poor are ghettoized has no right to cry social segregation.

Forgiven by society pardoned by law.

I was in the salon when the Chandigarh stalking case was being reported on the TV.
I noticed people sitting there were quite sympathetic with accused and made astonishing remarks such as how can be the daughter of an IAS be so black and how can a guy like this go after such an ugly girl and so on and so on!
Next thing I learned that the accused got bail in no time!
So I presume the law went soft on the accused because the society has already pardoned him for his alleged crime.
I guess this is just another example of how judicial impunity arises from social impunity and how hard it is to get justice when your class has not enough representation in the state machinery.

Where is my money going?

You don’t have money for education.
You don’t have money for health.
You don’t have money for welfare schemes.
You don’t have money for infrastructure.
You don’t have money to rehabilitate families sacrificed for your development.
You don’t have money for flood victims.
You don’t have money for farmers.
You don’t have money for veterans.
You can’t even say you spent it all on defense since you have ammunition for just 10 days.
What are you doing with our tax money?

What does independence mean?

What does independence mean to children dying in the hospital out of utter negligence?
What does independence mean to sexually assaulted women facing character assassination?
What does independence mean to aboriginals being deprived of their right to live by the state?
What does independence mean to sanitation workers dying in gutters?
What does independence mean to Dalits facing everyday discrimination? 
What does independence mean to Muslims being labeled as traitors?
What does independence mean to women still facing patriarchal oppression?
What does independence mean to 40% of the Indian population living under army occupation?
What does independence mean to 70% of the Indian population living on just $2 a day?
What does independence mean to farmers being forced to commit suicide?
What does independence mean to the North Easterns who are called Chinese and whores?
What does independence mean to South Indians subjected to racial slurs and linguistic imperialism?
And what does independence mean to the 10,000 people who die daily from starvation?

Aren’t we still with being happy that seven decades back some rich brown people secured their right to contest in elections!