On Violence

Everything is violence but only the one that’s unconventional is visible. Violence is the foundation stone of any civilization and there is no escape from it.  In a civilization one just can’t escape violence.  It’s only that which type of violence one chooses to see. Like refraining from non-vegetarian diet because it kills animals but hoarding iPhones and gadgets despite knowing the fact that slaves manufacture is once such choice and also a great example of doublethink.

80% of the food comes from small farms and we are all aware that farmers are being underpaid and committing suicide. So how come one’s heart swell over animals being killed for your food but not humans being dehumanized for the same? Because one form of violence is evident and the other is hidden?

So like I said it depends on a person which kinda violence he wants to see and which one he wants to ignore. Some feel violence against animals is against their conscience some feel addressing violence against the human is more pertinent. I choose the later. There is a reason why veganism is called the first world ideology.


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