Just Fiction. 

. The Sith Order waited for a thousand year observing and learning. 

. The Sith Order silently captured the govt machinery before reveling its plan. 

. The Sith Order came out from hiding only after the Jedi Order became weak, proud and arrogant. 

. The Sith Order was not as kind to the Jedis as the Jedi Order was to the Siths when they were in power. 

. Sith Lord Palpatine created conditions that made sure people voluntarily give up their liberty for protection.  

. The Sith Order wasted little time before taking complete control of the galaxy and crusing every and any opposition.

. They created an empire that was constantly under a state of war. 

. The Galactic Empire of the Sith order banned owning Lightsaber and words like Jedi.  

. The Sith masters disposed the weak appreciates once they found stronger ones. 

. There can only be two. 
Thank God it’s only a fiction. 😃😃😃

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