Hindoo? Who?

Conversion is for religions that preach love and equality which is unfortunately alien concept for Hinduism.

Since what they call Hindoos are actually just a handful of upper-class savarna north Indian males it’s almost impossible for them to cast an illusion of being in majority.

So why are the Hindoos (so-called) scared of conversions?

Well because they can’t lure people of other religion into theirs by saying come join our religion we practice casteism, racism, inequality and untouchability and our Gods did some questionable deeds.

So what they did? They borrowed an Arabic word Hindoo and declared all OBCs, all Dalits, all aboriginals, all Buddhists, all Jains and all Sikhs are Hindoos.

Its the only way the minority Savarna males can trick others into believing that they are in majority when in fact they are the smallest minority.


Middle class or class enemy?

Howard Zinn in his book People’s History writes that the rich slavers deliberately created a class of moderately well-off small land-owning white people to save themselves from any kind of resistance or revolt organized by black slaves and poor white people.
If you look at India right now the same job of saving the elites from the poor farmers, marginalized groups and persecuted communities is being done by the upper caste, middle class.

It is these people who carry the burden of the made-up reactionary feudal ideologies of the rich behind there backs, it is these people who make a song and dance about the most trivial issues and it is these people who make the issues of the starving India look trivial.

This reactionary middle-class today is the not only the class enemy but also a hindrance towards the formation of a more egalitarian society. 

Notice how this generation that studied in public schools/universities and availed govt health facilities has now internalized the idea that education and health aren’t fundamental rights but luxuries and they got to be expensive by default.

As Herbert Marcuse said the working class can no longer be counted upon to bring revolutionary change as in the modern times the agents of revolution will be the marginal groups.