Hindu or Indian

Yeah Yogi, a Hindoo would definitely want to impose a beef ban but an Indian would unquestionably want people to eat whatever the fuck they want because that’s what abiding by the constitution means.
So I guess this Yogi should specify where his real loyalty lies? Is he more Hindoo than an Indian or more Indian than a Hindoo?

AND in case his loyalty lies with Hinduism and not the Indian state (which is almost for sure) he must specify to which sect, to which caste and to which sub-caste and to which sub sub-caste he’s really loyal to.
Because that’s what being a Hindoo means!

You accuse Muslims of being more loyal to Islam than to the country.
What should be the cure for people who think they are more Hindoo than Indian?
And further what suggestions you have for people whose loyalty lies with their caste, not the Hinduism??


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