Shivaji recruited the Shudras and backward castes into his army and thus elevating their position.
After the Peshwas became the de facto rulers of the Maratha empire they deliberately unleashed some of the most horrendous forms of caste violence the history has ever seen only to put the Shudras back to their places.
After the independence with the introduction of a constitution that guarantees equality to all, criminalization of untouchability and introduction of affirmative action the Dalits once again managed to elevate their social position and align themselves into a formidable political might.
Now once again we are witnessing the rise of a Brahmin-Baniya rule having deep contempt towards the Dalits, the aboriginals, the Muslims, the women, the OBCs, the Christians, the communists and anyone who can think (I lost the count).
Can we anticipate that this neo-Peshwai will once again try to do what the old Peshwai had done in the past?
These undemocratic feudal brutes have already made it very clear they are here only to dismantle the constitution.


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