The lazy anti-fascist.

I guess fascist is a lazy word to describe the ideology that’s in power in this country.
. Unlike the German fascists, they don’t hate the richest and the most powerful minority in the country. Their target is usually the poorest and the weakest community.
. They derailed the economy that was doing well which resulted in job loss of 20 Million, unlike the German fascists who brought the economy back on tracks and created jobs.
. They want to create a society where the soldier is at the centre, unlike other civilized democracies where the citizen is at the centre. BUT the flagbearer of this ideology is known for selling tea, not for any military service.
.This ideology is older than the Republic of India but none of its icons are known for any pro-India stand.
.And worse this ideology can’t be even compared with the Islamofascists of Taliban or ISIS because those fanatics are known for confronting two superpowers while these saffron terrorists seem to operate under state patronage and are only known for killing old liberals, poor cattle traders and helpless children.
. This ideology is at its best only when all kinds of conditions are in its favour.
. Fascists are known for admitting that they need to break few eggs to make omelettes but these good for nothing are only known for breaking eggs and making nothing.
What should we call them?


Perversion is the norm

Hinduism and Hindutva, at best is a good cop-bad cop strategy.
Anyone claiming Hindutva is just a perverse version of Hinduism and Hinduism is inherently a peaceful religion is either misguided or is misguiding us.

“ढोल गवांर शूद्र पशु नारी, सकल ताड़ना के अधिकारी” was the philosophy of Hindooism long before Hindutva.
There was no Hindutva when Shudras and Untouchables were denied education and life of dignity.
There was no Hindutva when Brahmins proclaimed that all women are Shudras.
There was no Hindutva when Mahars were forced to tie pots around their necks.
There was no Hindutva when untouchability and unseeability came into existence.
There was no Hindutva when Shudras were killed for merely chanting Vedas.
There was no Hindutva when a married Shudra/Dalit woman was forced to spend her first night with the landlord.
There was no Hindutva when Shudra women were forced to bare breasts before landlords.
There was no Hindutva when Dalit/shudra women were forced to serve as prostitutes of Gods.
There was no Hindutva when women were burnt at their husband’s funeral pyres.
A religion that teaches it’s mere 5% of the upper caste population to be rabidly hostile to 95% Dalit, Shudras and women can’t be called a peaceful religion

The Happy Savarna

Muslims are being killed
Dalits are being harassed.
Aboriginals are being massacred.
Reservation is being weakened.
The constitution is being altered.
Women are being shown their place.
Human rights activists are being arrested.
Kashmiris are being shot.
Communist Keralites are left for dead in flood.
Universities are being crushed. 
That’s enough to keep the Savarna twats more than happy.
You really think the death of one Tiwari or petrol prices bothers them?

Poor, Really?

In a country where daily 1500 children die due to water-borne diseases, rich parasites are drinking water that costs Rs.26,000/litre.
Justin Biber, that half-naked twat came to India for 90 minutes and took away Rs. 350 Crores from this republic of snakes and malaria. 
Who thought economic disparities would reach this level in this “socialist” republic?

Caste of Death

Police: The Muslim we killed was a terrorist.
Media: You’re right Sir.
Police: The Dalit we killed was a thief.
Media: You’re right Sir.
Police: The OBC we killed was a goon.
Media: You’re right Sir.
Police: The Aboriginal we killed was a Naxal.
Media: You’re right Sir.
Police: The Tiwari we killed was an anti-social element.
Media: How can you say this? You have any proof? He was an innocent man. Blah blah blah….