Hit them where it hurts!

“आइए महसूस करिए ज़िन्दगी के ताप को
मैं चमारों की गली तक ले चलूंगा आपको ||”

This poem of Adam Gondvi invited fierce opposition from the feudal elements and they even attacked and seriously injured him.

Now for a moment just think if only he replaced “चमारों की गली” with “गरीबों/मजदूरों की गली”; would the ruling class have ever attacked him?
Not only Gondvi could have avoided any direct confrontation from the privileged castes but also remained radical people’s poet in the eyes of the masses.

I guess that’s what communism has become in the hands of Brahmanical forces; it not only helps them to avoid the question of caste and gender which are the major basis of exploitation in a semi-feudal semi-colonial country like India but also gives them and the others, the illusion that they stand for something radical.

Needless to say, they also avoid any beef with the privileged castes.

If oppressors neither care nor are annoyed by your ideology, it’s only because you’re not hitting where it hurts.

Like in the US, talking about class might get you branded as an evil commie.
But the ruling class of India is different.

Here they’ll leave you in peace if you talk about class
BUT talking about caste apartheid and Brahmanical Patriarchy might surely invite fierce attack, both verbal and physical.

Guess that’s enough for you to understand what’s the basis of oppression in India

Blue or Red mixed with Saffron?

Jai Bhim irritates them more than Lal Salam.
Dalit author Kancha Illiah are more of a threat to them than any stupid communist academician.
They want anti caste warrior Chandrasekhar to remain more days in jail than the Bhumihar commie Kanahiya.
Dalit feminists like Raya Sarkar are more menacing to them than elite bourgeois feminists like Tanushree.

Guess future is Ambedkarism not Communism of Bamans.

Ignorant or JustCunning?

If you’ll say “smash racism” or down with “White supremacy”, rarely any White person will take offence or call you racist and anti-White.
But I don’t know whether it’s intellectual bankruptcy or low cunning that when you say “smash Brahmanical patriarchy”, the Baman males will deem it to be casteism or anti-Baman.
But think it’s both as these Brahmanists are quite crafty in blaming you for the very thing you stand against. They did it with Rohith Vemula they are doing it with Jack Dorsey.

Lemme make it clear once again to your Baman ass
Anti-racism is not anti-White.
Anti-Zionism is not Antisemitism.
Feminism is not misandry.
Anti-Brahmanism is not Anti-Brahman.