Untouchability Extended!

Notice how a vegetarian Brahmin eats:
• He’ll not touch meat.
• He’ll have separate utensils for his vegetarian food.
• He’ll even refrain from touching the utensils in which meat is served.
• He’ll not sit with people eating meat.

And you’re a fool to believe this stupid ritual has anything to do with love for animals when they don’t even show any mercy to their own women.

This is rampant vulgar untouchability being practised in plain sight

Conversion or Conspiracy

When Brahmins say we need to go beyond caste they just want to say that please leave us alone with the privileges we have amassed through 2000 years of usurpation, theft and oppression.
Don’t fall for that fukrey.

Brahmins were given multiple chances to become human beings by Buddhism, by charvaks, by Shankaracharya, by Islam, by Kabir, by Sikhism, by Christianity, by education, by science and by Communism.
STILL they chose to remain Brahmins not decent human beings.
So don’t blame us for pointing this out.

Activists, not Terrorists!

Oxford Dictionary’s definition of the word “Terrorist” – a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

Indian definition of Terrorist: A Muslim guy with a beard holding AK-47 and possessing explosives.

Hence when a Brahmanist Hindoo uses unlawful violence against civilian Dalits and minorities with weapons like sticks and knife only to further his political aim of creating a Babhan Pakistan, the Indian media won’t call it an act of terror.

Mostly because the one sitting in the newsroom has the same political ideology as the one committing these acts of terror.

And this Baman media is addressing saffron terrorists as “mob” for the same reason they started calling Babari Masjid as “disputed site”.

They want to create a perception that these terrorists are actually “activists” and the existence of the mosque was already in question.

We have terrorist sympathisers sitting in newsrooms who are telling us 5-9 what to think.