White’s not wrong.

Saw a music video of some rich guy living in Canada.
It shows some Indian girl being harassed by a white guy and our brave Indian “hero” saves her “izzat”.
Funny because I keep hearing the news of white women being raped by Indian mofos but I NEVER came across a single incident where a brown/Indian woman was ever raped by white men.
This bashing of white skin needs to stop and especially the Indians have no right to do that.

Class Class Class!

The village Savarnas who beat Dalits for wearing Chappals or riding a horse: do you think they come from the Bourgeois class?

It was two Thakur women that recently body shamed Mayawati Ji and that Hardick Pandya bashing elite feminist squad was criminally silent.

Gimme one good reason why should I buy into your Communist bs of class or your bourgeois feminism of Savarna women?

Because the real goal of poor Savarna Communists or rich Savarna Feminists is NOT to fight oppression BUT to share power with the oppressors

Because in this country caste is the first and last truth.

Happy Republic day!

It’s an open secret that country is being run by MauSmriti, the constitution is burned in broad daylight in the Capital but we still celebrate Constitution and Republic day.

The US can bully India into changing her economic allegiance but we are Sovereign.

Our public sectors are being privatized but we are Socialists.

Genocidal maniacs become head of the state by building a reputation outta massacring minorities but we are Secular.

The 1% oligarchs own 51% of the country’s wealth but we are a democracy.

Hindi belt has colonized the South, the Northeast, the red corridors but we are a republic.

Affirmative action is questioned, 10,000 die daily of starvation and one particular caste has 5 national parties but we have ensured social, political and economic justice.

People are being arrested for thought crime, being Muslim is equivalent to traitor, reading Marx makes you an urban Maoist but we have liberty of expression, belief and faith.

We have two different poverty lines for OBC and Savarnas, the fake encounters of Muslims and Bahujans is celebrated but that of a Brahman is condemned but we have equality.

The word “Secular” is equivalent to a swear but we have fraternity.


Dharma, Seriously?

Krishna in Bhagwad Gita says whenever the Dharma will be in peril he’ll descend on earth to restore Dharma.
Now it becomes necessary to know what he meant by “threat to Dharma.”
It simply meant a “chaotic time” when people refuse to do the duties assigned to them by their particular varna.
Yes, my friend, when a Dalit refuses to clean sewers and strives for a dignified life it’s a threat to the Hindoo Dharma.
The question that whether Hindooism qualifies for a true religion or not, I leave up to you.
But here we still encounter a very pertinent question: Why was that Krishna, that Yadav by caste, that man who took the Herculean task of restoring Dharma; what was he doing in the Battlefield and not doing his caste duty assigned to him i.e. sitting at home and milking cows just like any other milkman?
There is a reason Baba Saheb called Bhagwad Geeta, Manusmiriti in a nutshell.

Who’d fill the void?

When state withdraws itself completely from the public life of the masses.
When children don’t get education at govt schools/colleges.
When govt hospitals fail to provide medication to the sick and dying.
When police stand with the oppressors and not the innocent.
When judiciary fails to deliver justice to the ones wronged by the rich and powerful.
When your institutions crumble and fall.
When faith in government is shattered.

A vacuum is created.
And who will fill that vacuum depends on the pocket of the masses.
Those who can afford will choose private hospitals, private schools, private security and anything and everything the corporations offer to the rich.
But the majority who can’t, will take refuge in the opium of masses, in cults, in extremist organizations such as Muslim Brotherhood and RSS as they provide the needy with the facilities of food, medication and education that govt fails to provide and thus creating a loyal army of ignorant fools ready to do anything for their masters.

And that’s how my friend liberty, democracy and freedom dies and begins a brutal reign of Corporate totalitarianism and Religious extremism. In short, fascism which is the wet dream of any capitalist.

Temples? No! No!

It’s being said the two women who entered the Shabrimala temple were Dalits.
If it’s true there is nothing to be proud of as it’s actually a matter of grave concern.

Shabrimala is the temple of Bamans. Brahman women want to enter it.
So why they sent two Dalit women there as scapegoats?

Our liberators Baba Saheb, Phule and Periyar taught us to go to schools and universities, not temples.

The Dalits should NEVER visit temples of Brahmins, no matter how noble the cause is.
These temples are the places where the blueprint of our oppression was written down.

Even if all the pandas fall on the feet of Dalits they should still not enter those monuments of their oppression.
Entering educational institutes has and will liberate them NOT temples.