Class is Caste!

Just like a Heart Attack can’t be cured by putting a band-aid on the lever, oppression in a semi-feudal semi-colonial society can’t be eradicated by ignoring caste oppression and looking towards class because the class is not the basis of oppression in India.
And sorry but when Marx himself said that communism can only come in advanced capitalist countries; when he himself said we are suffering more from underdevelopment of capital than from its development, this obsession of the Brahman Left with class and deplorable ignorance towards the feudal character of Indian society sounds less of an innocent mistake of some Bookworm and more of a criminal conspiracy.

Everything you wished for..

•Let bakers have the freedom to decide if they wanna bake cakes for gay couples.

•Let kids have the choice if they wanna become drag queens for pedophiles.

•We favor corporates because in a democracy the opinion of corporates is as valuable as that of farmers.

•Let pregnant women stand in the metro because don’t they want equality?

•Let’s cover our women cause it’s her choice anyways as long as it’s the only choice.

•Let’s listen to Krypto Nazis because we believe in free speech, right?

•Let’s do away with reservation/affirmative action because haven’t we abolished racism/casteism and we’re all equal.

•Let me practice casteism/racism in peace cause I have the right to practice my way of life. Do we no longer believe in diversity or what?

The devil doesn’t come dressed in a red cape and pointy horns. He comes as everything you’ve ever wished for.
Fascism will come now not dressed as the master race but with the excuse of free will, freedom, equality, diversity and democracy.