Not Just Victims!

When Savarna women get raped, the rapists are caught and tried within no time, there is a nationwide protest covered by mainstream media and they even get the laws changed coz they are unhappy with the sentence.
When Bahujan women get raped, they struggle even to get an FIR registered.

When a Savarna is killed in fake encounter there is a massive media outrage, the victim’s family get govt job and 1 Cr compensation and the encounter killings magically stop.
When Bahujans are killed in fake encounters, the media celebrates and Savarnas laugh.

When Savarna Doctors are lynched, there is a nationwide strike and even the supreme court gets involved.
When Bahujan Doctors are forced to end their lives, kidnapped by authorities and lynched, there is a criminal silence in media and doctor community.

This is just one small glimpse of the kind of caste capital these Savarnas possess and how powerful it is.
Still, you believe Savarna women are just women, Savarna men are just men and Savarna Doctors are just doctors?
Nah, even in victimhood they are oppressors.

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