Psychology not Marxism.

There was this serial killer in Murica by the nickname ‘Sunday morning slasher’ who allegedly killed more than 100 women.
Every time his victim escaped or he wasn’t able to kill for too long he felt depressed to the point of killing himself. In short he needed to kill in order to survive.
He was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and antisocial behavior.

Now returning to India. Notice there is a whole caste group by the name Baman-Savarnas or the oppressor castes that collectively feels the same when lose the power to oppress the working class or the indigenous people of India.
Once they lose this power they start declaring them as Backwards like the Thakurs of Western UP, Himachal and Gujarat.
Once they lose their right to rape peasant women they start forming private militia like the Bhumihars of Gujarat.
And once they are asked to behave life normal citizens with equal rights they start feeling like untouchable pariahs.

Now tell me is this a normal behavior? Is this the sign of a healthy mind? How are they different from the Sunday Morning slasher?

I said it before I’m saying it again: Marx can’t explain the conditions in India but maybe an extensive psychological study of these creatures could get us somewhere.

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