Yes, we lived!

So you mean to tell me that someone down your ancestry line survived the purge of Harappan Civilization, saw the downfall of Buddhist Mauryan Empire, lost their language, customs and traditions, picked up the Hindi language as best they could while working free of charge from sun up to sun down as they watched babies dying of hunger and women raped by ruthless feudalists.

Took names with no last names, no birth certificates, no heritage of any kind, built railways, factories and literally everything, survived the brutal Peshwa regime. Learned to read and write out of sheer will and determination, faced 20000 Peshwa soldiers with just 500 men.

Endured a 100 forms of untouchability, un-seeability, paid breast tax, were forced to wear pot in neck and broom in the waist.Fought in Wars as soldiers only to return to India as untouchables, massacred in Bathani Tola, Gang-raped at Khailanji, flogged in Una, ghettoed in the Cities, ignored in history books, stereotyped in Bollywood.

And in spite of it all, someone in your family line endured every era to make sure you would get here, but you receive one rejection, face one obstacle, lose one friend, get overlooked, and you want to quit? How dare you entertain the very thought of quitting. People, you will never know survived from generation to generation so you could succeed. Don’t you dare let them down!It is NOT in our DNA to quit!

Psychology not Marxism.

There was this serial killer in Murica by the nickname ‘Sunday morning slasher’ who allegedly killed more than 100 women.
Every time his victim escaped or he wasn’t able to kill for too long he felt depressed to the point of killing himself. In short he needed to kill in order to survive.
He was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and antisocial behavior.

Now returning to India. Notice there is a whole caste group by the name Baman-Savarnas or the oppressor castes that collectively feels the same when lose the power to oppress the working class or the indigenous people of India.
Once they lose this power they start declaring them as Backwards like the Thakurs of Western UP, Himachal and Gujarat.
Once they lose their right to rape peasant women they start forming private militia like the Bhumihars of Gujarat.
And once they are asked to behave life normal citizens with equal rights they start feeling like untouchable pariahs.

Now tell me is this a normal behavior? Is this the sign of a healthy mind? How are they different from the Sunday Morning slasher?

I said it before I’m saying it again: Marx can’t explain the conditions in India but maybe an extensive psychological study of these creatures could get us somewhere.

A Tale of Two Tragedies.

Bhopal Gas Tragedy: 20,000 lives lost because the White American men of Union Carbide thought risking the lives of men of color is just okay. Deemed as the biggest industrial tragedy in history. No justice was ever done.

Chernobyl: 4000 lives lost in a nuclear accident. Those running the plant and those dying belonged to the same nation.

But guess what, these Muricans decided to make a series about Chernobyl and not Bhopal because they were directly responsible for the later.
Also maybe they thought 4000 European lives hold more value than 20,000 lives of Brown Asian people.

Their Dystopia Our Reality!

Just finished watching this dystopian Netflix series Leila that follows the life of an upper-class Brahman woman married to an upper-class Ashraf Muslim man in a Hindoo Pakistan.
The series tries to showcase the horrors of a Manuwadi regime inflicted upon the masses of the Indian subcontinent.
But if this Manuwadi dream is actualized who’d suffer the most: the Bahujan men, the Bahujan women or some rich Brahman Woman?
This series tries to capture various social conditions including communalism, pollution, poverty, water scarcity and totalitarianism.
But why carefully choose to neglect caste apartheid which has turned out to be so effective in keeping 90% population subjected and hence aiding the ruling class to appropriate surplus labour with such efficient way that even the Turks invaders wished to introduce such system in Islam.
Why’d the ruling class of a dystopian time that’s devoid of resources, not use casteism to secure its privileges?
Threats of communalism is carefully given the most important in the entire series to undermine the gravity of casteism.
This whole series seems to a reflection of the fears of the rich liberal Savarna class about what would happen to them in an extremist Manuwadi regime: they won’t be able to mingle with people of their own class/caste from different religion, eat meat or drink wine or listen to Faiz or will be targeted for their identity and ideologies or won’t have enough water or be forced to live in polluted environment or their women will be forced to be more homely and religious.
Take a good look at the lives of Dalits, Backwards and Aboriginals: the dystopia your entitled Savarna ass fears is already upon us.

Not Just Victims!

When Savarna women get raped, the rapists are caught and tried within no time, there is a nationwide protest covered by mainstream media and they even get the laws changed coz they are unhappy with the sentence.
When Bahujan women get raped, they struggle even to get an FIR registered.

When a Savarna is killed in fake encounter there is a massive media outrage, the victim’s family get govt job and 1 Cr compensation and the encounter killings magically stop.
When Bahujans are killed in fake encounters, the media celebrates and Savarnas laugh.

When Savarna Doctors are lynched, there is a nationwide strike and even the supreme court gets involved.
When Bahujan Doctors are forced to end their lives, kidnapped by authorities and lynched, there is a criminal silence in media and doctor community.

This is just one small glimpse of the kind of caste capital these Savarnas possess and how powerful it is.
Still, you believe Savarna women are just women, Savarna men are just men and Savarna Doctors are just doctors?
Nah, even in victimhood they are oppressors.

The Saint and the Doctor!

The racist and casteist Gandhi turned into some larger than life figure only because he had his fan base in the dominant caste group.
He has now been thrown into the dustbin of history become the same dominant caste no longer needs him.
His greatness was not because of his merit but because of the type of followers he had.
Those who live by the dominant caste die by the dominant castes.

Ambedkar, on the other hand, was hated then and is hated now by the dominant castes.
But today that Doctor is larger than any mahatma or saint.
So vast is his shadow that the dominant castes from every spectrum of politics wish to embrace him.
He became the greatest figure in modern Indian history not because he lived at the mercy of dominant castes but because he had superior intellect and merit.

Not My Circus.

Yes, Raja Rammohan Roy was an agent of Brahmanism.
Nehru was an agent of Brahmanism.
Gandhi was an agent of Brahmanism.
Just like Godse, Savarkar and Golwalkar.

You see as Hannah Arendt once said that the thing about fascism and fascists is that they are quick to discard their own ideologues and leaders once they have served their purpose.

They used Gandhi and Nehru as long as they served their purpose of establishing Brahmanical hegemony in an era haunted by the specter of communism and maintained a distance from Savarkar and Godse.

They discarded Gandhi and Nehru for Vajpayee and Advani and later discarded Vajpayee and Advani for Modi and Shah.

You don’t need to bother when Brahmanists replace less extremist leaders by more extremists ones. You don’t need to defend every leader the Right Wing hates.

The only ideologues we need are Ambedkar, Phule and Periyar.

Manufacturing Consent.

The minority oppressor has always ruled the oppressed not by force but hegemony.
The entire existence of the oppressor depends on justifying the oppressed that they have a right to rule over them
The ruling class does this by culture, education and propaganda or as Gramsci said: hegemony.
So don’t wonder why slaves rarely revolted or why women remain subjugated.
Those wondering why so many Dalits and Backwards voted for Brahman Baniya Party should consider this fact. 
The oppressor is always in minority and he rules over the majority by manufacturing consent.

Enemy Within!

Had Bengal been ruled by Nazis for 34 years, the Mukherjees and Chatterjees would have been great Nazis.

Well, that’s because the dominant class/caste is quick to align itself with the ideology of the new regime.

Why do you think they discarded the left for TMC and now showing great affinity towards BJP?

The communism of Mukherjees and Chatterjees was not about ideology but simply the need of the hour for them and they were quick to discard it the moment chips were down.

No More Chatarjee, Banerjee &Mukherjee Communists. They have shown their saffron in Bengal. The proletariat will fight its own battle.

Victory in Defeat.

We come from a great line of workers and worriers.
We had to wage wars in order to get bare necessities of life.
We struggled for the right to drink water, we struggled for the right to wear shoes, we struggled for the right to education, we struggled to conceal our breasts, we struggled to be treated as humans.
We have been fighting these Brahmanists for the past 2000 years.
Unlike those Savarna liberals, a mere 5 years of Brahman raj is not going to break our spirit. 
We have hope for what is behind us: two millennia of class struggle between Brahmanists and us Shramanists.