Enemy Within!

Had Bengal been ruled by Nazis for 34 years, the Mukherjees and Chatterjees would have been great Nazis.

Well, that’s because the dominant class/caste is quick to align itself with the ideology of the new regime.

Why do you think they discarded the left for TMC and now showing great affinity towards BJP?

The communism of Mukherjees and Chatterjees was not about ideology but simply the need of the hour for them and they were quick to discard it the moment chips were down.

No More Chatarjee, Banerjee &Mukherjee Communists. They have shown their saffron in Bengal. The proletariat will fight its own battle.

Victory in Defeat.

We come from a great line of workers and worriers.
We had to wage wars in order to get bare necessities of life.
We struggled for the right to drink water, we struggled for the right to wear shoes, we struggled for the right to education, we struggled to conceal our breasts, we struggled to be treated as humans.
We have been fighting these Brahmanists for the past 2000 years.
Unlike those Savarna liberals, a mere 5 years of Brahman raj is not going to break our spirit. 
We have hope for what is behind us: two millennia of class struggle between Brahmanists and us Shramanists.

Specter of fascism

Dalits, Backwards, Aboriginals & Minorities vote for BJP cause of their illiteracy and falling for consent manufacturing machinery of RSS.
But if anyone is a willing party to bringing back this Brahman Baniya Party back to power and fueling the rise of fascism in India: it’s the educated middle and upper-middle-class Brahman /Savarnas. Despite having a comfortable middle/upper-middle-class life, these Brahman-Savarnas won’t be happy until a Fascist sits in PMO, the constitution is replaced by Manu Smiriti and persecution of minorities becomes as common as Antisemitism of the Victorian era.
They exactly know what they are voting for and its consequences but they are far too dehumanized to ever bother by the horrors of fascism.

No more test subjects.

Heard of some special report by NDTV where the reporter goes to some Dalit household to enquire further about how they live, how they study, what problems they face and how they vote.
At first glance it looks kinda progressive but lemme remind you many such studies, take for example the studies on industrial psychology are done on workers, not the management. And it’s done for the sole purpose of making the system more productive for the management.
In short, the oppressor “studies” the oppressed to further fortify the structure of oppression.
We need no more studies/reports on workers or slaves or Dalits. We need more information on the oppressor class.
Why can’t they go and study a Baman household? Tell us how they eat, how they live, what “challenges” they face and how they choose their favorite political party?

You’re studying? Congrats you’re privileged!

These CBSE and UPSC results are just personal achievements, what’s the point of making them news headlines?
In a country where public education is being dismantled on purpose, in a country where private education is “reserved” for rich people, in a country were marks have been linked to the reputation of family, in a country where thousands commit suicide coz of underperforming in academics, in a country where just 8% population is 12th pass and in a country were completing education is next to impossible for 80% of the population; is it really necessary to add fuel to fire?
How’s that benefiting anyone at all?

First, they need to go!

When we say Brahman and their cronies are foreigner invaders who enslaved the indigenous people of India and they have no business in our country, we are not taking the beaten up line of RSS that Muslims are foreigners and they should leave!
Because first of all, it’s a fact that they are foreigners and secondly the majority of Muslims are the indigenous people who converted to Islam to escape the horrors of casteism.
Thirdly, it’s a lie that the Turkish, Afghan and Mughal invaders were oppressing the Babhan and Savarnas. In fact, they were running this country with the help of these Brahman and Rajputs(Afghan converts). And even during the time of Aurangzeb the Court and bureaucracy consisted of 57% Brahman /Savarnas.

BUT on the other hand, when these Babhans/Aryans invaded India and subjugated the indigenous population, they made them Shudras, dehumanized them, prevented them from having any share in country’s resources and murdered them one massacre at a time.
Brahman /Savarnas still continue to do it. They refused to assimilate with the indigenous population and never considered this country or its people as one of their own.
So, in short, we oppose the rule of Babhans for the same reason Gandhi opposed the British Raj.

Let them eat rockets!

In a third world shithole where 10,000 people die daily of starvation, a professor gets arrested for demanding the right to food! Why do you think someone can get arrested for demanding that?
Check the caste profile of those dying of starvation and of those ordering the arrest and you’ll get an idea.
Make no mistake, the people dying of starvation are the Indigenous and Aboriginal people while the people running the state are Brahman/Savarnas.
The caste apathy makes these Brahman/Savarnas indifferent to the plight of these hungry mouths.
Our people are dying for nothing not because there is no food but because the Brahman/Savarnas who have usurped the state want them to keep dying.
You just see any problem on this subcontinent has its roots in caste.