End of History?

Political Economists: Keynesian model has exhausted itself. There is no alternative to capitalism.
Philosophers: The last ism was Sartre’s Existentialism, nothing new here.
Politics: There is no alternative to Modi, Erdoğan, Dureter, Putin and Trump.
Economy: There is no alternative to neoliberalism.
Cinema: Here we have sequels, prequels and remakes. 
Music: We make new songs by altering the old.
Literature: Fictions based on real events that occurred in medieval times.
Art: We have a 5-tonne rock and lines drawn on a white sheet.
And NEVER forget there is no alternative to Democracy either.

The old is dying and the new cannot be born, these are the times of morbid symptoms.
Or simply end of history….. For now.


Its just a fiction

Voldemort wanted knowledge of magic reserved for the Pure-Bloods.
Voldemort was only carrying forward the work of his ideologue Salazar Slytherin.
Voldemort had an organization of death eaters.
Voldemort wanted Hogwarts destroyed.
Voldemort wanted to make radical changes in education system. 
Voldemort wanted his loyalists at prominent positions in schools and ministry of magic.
Voldemort’s favorite house was Slytherin.
Voldemort wanted to cleanse the wizard society of all Mud-bloods.
Voldemort was strongly against race mixing or any mingling of Pure Bloods with Mud Bloods or Muggles.
Voldemort himself was a Half Blood but he acted more like a Pure Blood and their interests were of paramount importance to him.
Voldemort used Ministry of Magic to ghettoize and persecute Mud Bloods.
Voldemort declared all his opponents as undesirables.

It’s fiction but why it feels like we all are experiencing sth like that?


They can deploy the army to suppress peasant movement but never sent a single soldier to punish guilty landlords.
They can send hundreds of policemen to brutalize protesting women but can’t employ ten guards for the safety of students.
They can spend crores to take credit of surgical strike but can’t give pension to veterans.
They can afford to bomb aboriginal villages from helicopters but don’t have money to provide them compensation for their lands.
They have money for nuclear programmes and space missions but they can’t abolish manual scavenging.
They can give billions to corporations to make dams but can’t afford to spend a penny to rehabilitate displaced people.
They can bail out industrialists but they can’t absolve the debts of the farmers.
They can spend 1K crores to buy one bullet train but can’t spend the same amount to heal the ailing railway system of the country.
They can spend millions to give you the illusion of development but can’t afford to carry out vaccination programmes in a mere twenty districts?

Sorry but I refuse to believe things a so fucked up because of mismanagement or because we don’t have enough money.
As these are clear indications of a war.
War of rich against the poor.
War of patriarchy against women.
War of a privileged minority against the majority.

Sun Tzu in modern times.

Sun Tzu in his book, The Art of War, says one must always fight in the enemy territory. In that way even when you lose you’re least affected.

Now let’s apply that concept in today’s India where right now a war is being fought between those who know how to hate and those who know how to think.

When they say Muslims are foreign invaders you try to convince them that they very much belong to India but rarely remind them that Indo Aryans were too foreign invaders.

When they accuse you of being anti-National you try to explain them your idea of nationalism but rarely talk about their history of treasons and treacheries.

When they say abolish reservation you start explaining them about justice and fairness forgetting to tell them to return everything they gained from three thousand years of usurpation.

It’s something like the right starts the fire and the left does the work of firefighting. But the damage is done by the time the fire is put out cause they attack us in our own territory but we forget to return the favour.

Ideas for poor in the hands of the rich.

Saw a lecture of Prof. Michael Sandel where he was explaining the privileged scholars of Harvard about the principles of justice and morality and the right thing to do and simultaneously making them aware about that they were there not because of their merits but because of their privileges i.e being born at the right place at the right time. So I guess the question should be what will those privileged guys do even if they are made aware of the right thing to do? They are privileged only because the society is unjust and unfair at the first place right?

So I guess the question should be what will those privileged guys do even if they are made aware of the right thing to do? They are privileged only because the society is unjust and unfair at the first place right?

Maybe no change is possible as long as those revolutionary ideas remain locked in the privileged and costly campuses of Cambridge, Harvard, and DU. Maybe they must be made readily available to the poor and oppressed sections for whom they were meant at the first place.

Goddesses and Men

Apparently, these goddesses are set of benchmarks laid out for what an ideal woman should be like and since what is ideal can never be practical religion can keep 50% of its population at ransom over the eternal threat of being deemed whores and witches.
Furthermore, it provides a philosophical solace to a misogynist society where those benefiting from sexism can say look we how can we oppress women when we worship stone goddesses? Plus it might provide easy atonement for eve teasers and misogynists??
After all turning women into motherly figures, claiming it’s your duty to protect them are signs of deep misogyny.
Else why it is that more a culture says it respects women more the women are actually oppressed.
Why the west rarely has to say that they respect their women.

Largest democracy & practicing democracy.

Two separate incidents:

USA: Trump urges owners to fire or suspend players who protest by not standing for the national anthem.
NFL Responds by kneeling during the national anthem.

India: People brutalized by mobs for not standing during the national anthem.
Rich celebrity athletes say nothing.

It’s the people of America proving once again to the world why they are the greatest nation.

Must give it to them that they are at least not fascist for their own kind… at least for now.