Bangladesh and Baluchistan

In 1947 the mullahs and nawabs of UP, CP, Bengal and Delhi created a fake state called Pakistan. They created it by impoing a linguistic imperialism of the Urdu culture on Punjab on Sindh on Baluchistan and on Bangladesh.
It was one of the first and legitimized model of what we now call the “Islamic state” that massacred 3 Mn of it’s own bangla speaking subjects and committed a genocidal rape of 400K bangla women. This monstrous military establishment is now committing the same sort of genocide in it’s own province of Baluchistan!
The world did nothing then the world will do nothing now! That’s the sort of leverage you get when you’re a client nation of the US. I see so many hypocrite mullas who’s heart swell with grief witnessing the atrocities committed by Israel and India in Palestine and Kashmir. These same clowns would take a vow of silence when it comes to the war crimes of Pakistan inflicted upon their fellow Muslim brothers! Most probably because it’s an Islamic state? Just like the ISIS???

Liberate Syria but let Syrian die!

The US govt devastated Iraq and Syria in the name of ‘liberating’ the masses from the tyrannical regimes of Saddam and Assad so whats stopping them to help the refugees created by the wars they started?

Basically these refugees are the same people whom the US establishment loved sooooo much that they sacrificed their own people to fight an alien war in an alien land for an alien cause!

Hope the honkys of America who are openly showing their disgust for the Syrian refugees understand that those frightened children aren’t coming to that stolen land for some vacation!