No that’s not castism!

Castism is compelling a woman to bare her breasts before the upper castes.
Castism is to abduct a Dalit teen girl and tell her helpless father she’d be returned in few hours.
Castism is to rape a woman simply for being a Dalit.
Castism is to lynch a man and put his severed penis in his mouth for loving an upper caste girl.
Castism is punishing someone in the most gruesome way for wearing shoes or good clothes. 
Castism is to force a community to eat rats and drink water from potholes.
Castism is to rob someone of his labor, his lands, and his self-respect.
Castism is to benefit from thousands of years of systematic oppression and then have an objection to social justice and affirmative action.
Castism is NOT pointing out which class came up with the idea of caste oppression and which class benefits from it.


Caste is Class!!

Saying ‘I m a proud white’ might get you the brand of an ill reputed racist Nazi but in this demented republic where people are openly racist and proud of it one can find the venom of racism and castism being sold in broad daylight. Just take a good look and you find movies and rap songs openly stating how great it is to be born a Singh or Rajput or Jaat.
But apparently being proud of of your birth is same as being proud of stepping on shit; you didn’t choose to step on shit and you didn’t choose to be born where you were born either. So just cut the crap as it’s high time to acknowledge that India is a deeply racist country and contrary to the whites these former usurpers have absolutely no shame in their eyes for the crimes their predecessors committed but are rather proud of it.
And such shameless display of hypocritical pride is shoved down the throat of society repeatedly through movies, daily soaps and songs.